Character Info Edit

Name: Jaedlyn Rancoura

Age: 15

Nationality: Domani

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Long (middle of her back), straight black hair

Eyes: Typically a sky blue, they tend to change to a green under great emotional stress.

Skin: Light bronze tone

Height: 5’7”

Voice: Usually very quiet, with the intent that if you want to hear what she’s saying, you need to pay close attention. There’s an almost sultry quality to it.

Other: Jaedlyn’s appearance is nondescript at first. If you chance a second look, she is very pretty. Her eyes are almost too big for her face, but somehow they manage to suit her. She has full lips, and high cheek bones.

Optional Edit

Special Skills: She is very good at learning what motivates and drives people.

Knowledge Weakness: While she has managed to learn a great many things about people her 15 years, she has never had much academic teaching. She can read and write, though neither with much skill.

Physical Weakness: Jaedlyn is not particularly strong, but can defend herself if the need arises. Her quiet demeanor might suggest frailty but that is definitely not the case.

Personality weakness: She has grown to see people as tools, useful tools, but still just tools. As a result, she is not the type to have many friends, and those she “befriends” she is usually just trying to find a use for.

Personality Edit

Jaedlyn is a very social creature, but not one to make friends. She is determined to learn every nuance of every person, so as to use them to her best interest. She is very friendly, and has never, to her knowledge, made an enemy. She has a very good control on her emotions, as every emotion has its use in dealing with people.

History Edit

Jaedlyn is the daughter of a Domani merchant. Her mother raised her alone; her father had disappeared when Jaedlyn was still a babe. Being Domani, Jaedlyn learned at an early age just how much power one person can have over another. Her mother’s Merchant Guards were all in love with her, and, as far as Jaedlyn knew, she’d never even touched more than their hands. The right words or look can dissolve any reservations another may have about you. The wrong words or glance can completely alienate someone as well. While her mother practiced her arts on men, Jaedlyn was determined to manipulate the arts she was being taught to hold power over anyone she met, man or woman.

When Jaedlyn was 9 years old, her mother decided it was time to travel. “Jaedlyn, dear, it is time you learned of the world. If you are to become a merchant like me one day, you will fair far better if you know the details of your buyer’s culture. There is no better way to accomplish this then to see it for yourself.” For the next few years, she and her mother travelled all over the world. Her mother brought some Sea Folk dishes to earn a little cash, relying on her Domani skills to house them when that revenue was dry.

This gave Jaedlyn an amazing opportunity to watch other cultures, how they reacted to her mother’s seductress ways. She learned that while almost any man from any country fell prey to her mother, women were another story. In many lands, the women looked upon them both with distaste at the first glance. Soon she learned that women viewed their dress and demeanor as a threat to their relationships, and most became almost hostile. Jaedlyn quickly began to adopt a slightly more conservative appearance. While she kept the traditional style of the Domani clothes, her dresses were just a little less clingy, just a little less see-through. Her mother disapproved of the change, but wanted to give Jaedlyn anything she desired, so she allowed it, thinking it was just a phase that would pass once they could settle down again in Arad Doman.

Jaedlyn was no stranger to the stories of the Aes Sedai and their White Tower. While most people were angered by their meddling and use of people as tools, Jaedlyn began to admire them from their stories. Eventually, Jaedlyn and her mother’s travels led them to Whitebridge. Storms had rolled in just as they were planning to leave, so they stayed in Whitebridge longer than planned. Jaed took this opportunity to test her skills on some of the children her age. It wasn’t long before she had the boys catering to her and the girls doing the same. For the first time in her life, she felt like more than a merchant’s daughter. She felt almost regal. It was then that a Green sister took notice of her and offered to test her. With Jaedlyn’s view of the White Tower, it was no surprise when she readily accepted the offer. Upon discovery of her potential in the One Power, Jaedlyn and the Green went to her mother to discuss putting her name in the fabled Novice Book.

Her mother was unhappy. Jaedlyn was all she had left of her family, but all she had ever wanted was for Jaedlyn to be happy. She left the decision to her daughter, who promptly agreed to join the ranks of Novice. With a farewell to her mother, she was on her way to the White Tower.

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