Name: Jaydena Restona Mckanthur (Captain-General and Green Sitter)
Age: 250
Nationality: Andoran

Hair: Thick hair that falls to just above the curve of the backside, auburn in color with a few strands of Gray in it. Her hair is wavy and curls down her back.
Eyes: Emerald green slanted with long and thick auburn eyelashes and arched auburn eyebrows.
Skin: Her skin is pale and unblemished other than a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and her cheeks. Across the left side of her face is a burn that goes across part of her forehead, around her eye and half way down her cheek, the burn was caused by an angreal just a short time ago. She also has a long scar across her neck from a childhood incident involving her brother and a carelessly swung rake.
Height: She stands a tall 5' 9; her posture is straight and formal.
Voice: A very sultry and sexy voice, not high and not low, she is a fairly good singer but nothing to win awards.
Other: Jade has an overly exaggerated hourglass figure which makes it very hard to make clothes for her. Her bosom is large and has caused her more than one problem in the past.

Special Skills: Artwork, mediums painting, sculpting in clay, wood, and stone, sewing, knitting, and embroidery. Jaydena can delve, this talent was discovered as an Accepted and she also is one of the most well known experts in the Tower on Angreal.
Knowledge Weakness: Jaydena doesn't know as much as she should about the Old Tongue and it took her many years to master even a minor knowledge of it.
Physical Weakness: Other than the burns on her face she is very strong and runs daily as well as works with the forms.
Personality weakness: She's way too stubborn and this has gotten her into many problems over the years, she also trusts to easily and gets her heart broken in the process.

Personality: Jaydena is fierce to the point of being overly so, she doesn't always think about herself or the consequences to herself when she goes on one of her rampages. She's strong willing to the point of being unbending but is also one of the most loving and accommodating people when it comes to those she loves. She trusts to easily and is often hurt because of it but yet she still thinks the best of people. Over the years she has become a bit harder, colder, and more cynical because of the things she has seen. Dena has a huge love of clothes and also crystal, she collects crystal carvings and has them all over her room. She also collects weapons, books, and much more, I suppose you could call Jaydena is a collector of people as well as possessions.

Character HistoryEdit

As the light faded over the distant slopes of the famous Dragonmount, a lone figure sat at her desk. Her hand poised over a sheet of fine paper, a green sword at the top, with the ancient Aes Sedai symbol below. The woman turned from the paper and noticing the darkness creeping into the room, she lit the candles in the room with the just a few waves of her pale and elegant hands. The candlelight glinted and shone over the long auburn hair with its thick waves and riotous curls, that hair that was just beginning to be tinged with gray. Her emerald green eyes moved over the paper as she wrote what she had written in her fine and slanted writing.

For some time I have been thinking about writing the history of my many years, and the urge has come to me to do so, perhaps writing it out will give me some perceptive and acceptance of the hurt I have endured. So as I sit here, I reside within the great Halls of the White Tower, and old woman by any means, with many accomplishments and many failures. I have not been perfect but I have lived a life well lived if I do say so myself. I have watched my friends, lovers, and even my family members pass to the Creator and my time will come soon I am sure. However, as any story must start, this one must begin at the beginning. I was born Jaydena Restona Mckanthur in a small city outside of the marvellous capital city of Caemlyn. The name of our town was Golden Lakes and I grew up on the shores of one of the iridescent bodies of water. My parents named Jenaveve and Ohandra owned a farm that had been passed down through generations to the oldest son of the family. My father was of course the oldest son and a gentler man you would be hard pressed to meet. It's quite ironic that such a gentle man went on the produce a child that would battle Trollocs and kill without a thought. Yet I regress from the story. My Mother Jenaveve was raised by another farmer and his seamstress wife. I inherited my auburn hair, pale skin, emerald eyes, and my hourglass figure as well as her fiery temperament. My parents met at a young age and quickly married, my Father lived on the farm with my grandparents and my Mother moved in with them. It wasn't long before my older brother Osiris was born, and with the production of an heir to the farm, my parents weren't overly worried about having another child right away. They waited for some time before they became pregnant with me. Osiris was 2 years old when I was born and believe me he was not to happy to have a Sister instead of the Brother he had wanted. He eventually grew to love me but had another pang of rage when two years after I was born my Mother produced another Sister for him named Adreana.

I laugh when I think about how upset he was but I am sure that for him that was the worst thing in the world. We had a normal childhood, I learned how to plough and care for the stock on our farm. Fishing was a daily routine for us, so I was taught how to skin and de-bone fish as well. By the time I was ten I could dress any animal on the farm or from the woods around us. I ran through the trees and learned to use the sword with my brother as well as a quarterstaff from my Grandfather who had been one of the Queens Guards until he retired to stay on the farm full time. When I was 11, my Mother decided it was time I took an interest in the feminine arts, she taught me the art of gardening, so not only could I produce foods that were good for my family when I became a woman, but I could also treat their ails with the herbs she grew in another garden plot. Jenaveve was known as one of the best seamstresses in the area and she passed on her art of the needle to my Sister and me. We learned how to weave, spin yarn, die wool, and the other arts that went with working with our hands in this way. When I was fairly young it was discovered that I had an artistic talent unlike anything anyone in my family had seen. When my parents saw this, they worked extra hard to put me through lessons and buy or make the materials I needed to develop this talent. I went through classes in the city at least once a week and learned how to throw pottery, create forms for pottery, paint, mix oil paints, sketch, and so many other things that I would need to know to support myself with my art. I planned on gaining a job at the palace and moving to Caemlyn when I reached the age of 16 but life threw twists at me.

At the age of fifteen my beloved Mother became deathly ill with what she believed was a sickness of her bones, we tried to heal her ourselves and took her to our local Wisdom but she could do nothing as the pain increased. I watched my vibrant Mother shrink to nothing and cry from the pain. I had never seen this strong woman, who fought fiercely with my Father, broke horses without a thought, and took on men twice her size show even one moment of weakness, this was a revelation for me. I learned that strong women could show weakness and still be strong. It was decided as her pain became unbearable that I would take her to the city with me and see if there was a Yellow Sister in the capital city as they were rumoured to be able to heal everything but death, and there were whispers that they could do that as well. I took my Mother into the city and found at our arrival that no sisters were visiting at the time. My heart filled with disappointment and I set out to search for a well known Wisdom who might be able to help her. It took the better part of two days but finally I found the Wisdom. The woman agree to help us out but after examining Jenaveve, announced that the sickness was to far advanced and that she could do nothing for the shrunken woman, she gave me herbs to help ease the pain and I prepared to take the news to my family. As I turned to leave she announced that there was someone who could help her, I turned to her and she told me that years ago she had come across a girl that she had felt a connection with and taken her on as Apprentice, several weeks later a sister had come to the city looking for girls who could channel. The young girl had been taken away and so the Wisdom figured that her Apprentice had been able to channel, she told, me that she was sensing the same feeling from me and that I should head to the tower, if I could get there in time they might be able to help my Mother.

I left the Wisdom's home with a heavy heart and prepared for the trip home with my Mother, unsure of how I was going to share this news with my family. On the way back to our home I told my Mother of what the Wisdom had said. At first she appeared to be shocked and dismayed by the news, but the closer we got to home the more a look of determination started to take over her face. I was unsure what to do, I had been betrothed to a nearby farmer since I was thirteen and I didn't think that Alton would allow me to go. When we arrived at home I tried to break the news gently to my family, they were understandably devastated by the knowledge that they would be losing their beloved Mother if I couldn't make it to the Tower in time. At the news of my possible ability to channel they seemed more enraged than anything else, they couldn't believe that I would be interested in being an Aes Sedai, especially when our Mother was dying. When I broke the news to my betrothed he refused to let me go, even if it would possibly save my Mother, and threatened to lock me up if I so much as tried. My Father also agreed it was far too dangerous to risk taking their Mother anywhere in her condition. Jenaveve seemed to take it fairly well but that night I learned that her iron will still existed. As I sat in my room crying silent tears my Grandmother snuck into my room and told me to meet her down at the stables after dark.

After dark I made my way silently through the house and found two of my Mother priced horses hitched to our wagon and one tied behind. She lay in the back carefully padded and was surrounded by supplies and everything we would need. Jenaveve smiled at me out of her wane face and told me, "Both of us need to go to the Tower child, if you can learn to be an Aes Sedai you need to do it. If I don't make it I want you to bury me and continue on without me." I nodded and with a shudder at the thought of loosing my Mother I climbed up into the wagon and we snuck out of the farm and onto the dark road. The travelling was rough and my Mother continued to slide downhill as we neared the Tower. After a month of travelling we arrived in the great city of Tar Valon, I can't say I noticed much other than that we had arrived at our destination. The spires and towers didn't mean anything to me as Jenaveve struggled to hang on and breath each breath.

I arrived at the tower and was directed to the Mistress of Novices as they carried my Mother off to be healed. It was revealed that I could learn to channel and I waved goodbye to my now healed Mother. Jenaveve left me one of the horses she had trained named Blaze to work with and ride and though I didn't have much time for him as a Novice, I did manage to breed him and send money back to my parents. To this day I still work with his childrens children and sell them for profit. My novicehood went by fairly quickly in the terms of the life of an Aes Sedai which is far longer than that of a normal person. I made friends easily and though I missed my family I came to love the Tower as yet another family. After six years as a Novice I was called forth to step through the arches and try for Accepted, I made it through the experience but the horrors I saw within changed me for all time. I became more focused on my studies, more determined to become a Sister and not let those things happen. While Accepted I looked at all the Ajahs and tried to decide which one I belonged in, at first I believed I should be a Brown. I loved Angreal and studied them as often as possible, making me believe that I should be a Brown, I also was interested in the Yellows as they had healed my Mother, but that didn't last long, when I discovered I wasn't strong enough to heal. The Grays were another option as I liked the idea of advising Kings and Queens and helping solve disputes, but it took a Sister of the Green to show me my true home. She pointed out that my passion fit well in the Greens and that many Greens had interests outside of just fighting. While an Accepted I also learned that I could sense minerals, stones, and water below the ground. I used this talent to bring gemstones to the Tower in my later years. Six years after going through those horrible arches I passed the test and picked the Battle Ajah as my home. However I was quickly to learn that the Battle Ajah did things differently, I was denied entrance until I was able to pass their tests and I can say I was more than a little mad about that. Now of course I am the one in charge of such things as denying entrance to this Ajah but that's another topic. About three months after being denied I passed my battle weaves classes and all the other tests required and was accepted into my Ajah finally. I can still remember the way it felt to have that Green shawl laid over my shoulders for all time and the joy that came with the hard won position. I spent most of my time after being raised travelling and fighting in the Borderlands, it was there I came to bond a young Tower Guard named Degan who I had known since I was an Accepted, in 785 NE we were bonded and I took my first Warder.

Several years passed in which we fought and returned to the Tower at intervals, close to five years after I bonded Degan, my ex-betrothed came to the Tower and tried to make me leave, it took some doing but I convinced him it wasn't possible. He informed me that he would make me fall in love with him again and that he would train as a Tower Guard and be my warder someday. I accepted his decision and watched as he struggled to keep up with younger men, but he was determined and finally he was raised to the Tower Guards of the White Tower. After several months in which he tried to convince me I finally bonded him and it was a decision I never regretted, I never came to love him other than as a friend and companion but he came to accept that. Forty-eight years later after many battles and honorable actions he fell asleep and passed onto the Creator. He was sorely missed but he had lived a long life and had taken many Trollocs with him. In the year 853 NE, I was raised to Sitter of my Ajah and that I have been ever since, I have watched Sitters come and go as well as Keepers and Amyrlins. Twenty five years after I was raised to Sitter and began to spend most of my time in the Tower, my warder Degan was killed in a mild skirmish in the Borderlands that I hadn't even intended to go on. I insisted that he was too old to fight but he wouldn't listen. My only consolation is that he died protecting me and doing what he wanted to, where as Alton never really wanted to be a Warder, he just wanted me, and he died peacefully in his sleep.

In the year 900 I began training to help out with the Eyes and Ears Network run by my mentor Kaylan Sedai. She needed someone who would be able to train a successor in case something happened to her and I willingly took on the job despite my Sitter duties. Sixty five years goes by in the blink of an eye and soon I was bonding again, this time in a double bonding with Corbin LaGosse and Jared Damodred. Jared worked quite hard to convince me to bond him and I later ended up sleeping with him for several years and losing my innocence to him at the age where most women are leaving the earth. Years passed and I learned that I was attracted to women and believe me that was quite a shocking revelation. I became lovers with Seiaman Kera a Tower Guard and realized that I had never really been in love with Jared or with anyone else for that matter. We decided to bond but things were extremely complicated with Jared and I couldn't risk a fight between two Warders, both of which had been or were my lovers. Time passes quickly and a woman I had come to despise named Sirayn Simeone and I were sent out with Seiaman on a mission to Ebou Dari, during this mission Seiaman and I were almost killed in a fight by some men who ended up raping and impregnating Sirayn. The other Aes Sedai bonded Seia to save her life and took away the chance of my bonding her. Seia and I parted ways when she refused to annul her bond with Sirayn and choose me instead because of her flaming honor.If she had things might have turned out so differently. Many years passed in which Seia spent most of her time trying to convince me to be her lover again, with Jared doing the same thing on the side. I grew more and angrier with both of them, on a positive note though I had started to become friends with Sirayn and we both dealt with the issues with Seiaman. During this time period a journal is found that proves the existence of a buried city from the Age of Legends by the name of Namandar. Sirayn was chosen to lead the mission and I was one of the Greens who was picked to go along with her. During this trip I bonded a Tower Guard named Coran Thalier who I became friends with during the trip. He quickly helped to ease the tension between Seia and Jared and convinced Jared to leave the issue alone. Seia re-launched her efforts to woo me during the trip and I finally give in, realizing I couldn't deny her love anymore. I became lovers with her again and then watched as two of my Warders yet again died saving me from the forces of evil.

I came back from Namandar with a renewed passion to fight the Shadow and in order to do this I needed Warders at my side and I needed to train the new recruits for the Greens. I became passionate about teaching Battle weaves and my position as Sitter. That year I bonded a troubled young female Tower Guard named Morgan. Morgan sadly turned the way of the Shadow and I was forced to sever our bond and send Tower Guards after her to bring her back. A short time after that Coran disappeared off the bond and I had no idea where he was, he had learned to block the bond and he kept it that way until just recently when he showed back up claiming that his Brother was a channelling Ashaman who he had been trying to save. We are still working on his leaving me like that and I haven't decided if I shall keep our bond or not. After Coran left me I met a suicidal Tower Guard named Raisa who I bonded to keep her alive. She had lost her Aes Sedai at Namandar and I was determined not to let her kill herself. Raisa was never able to deal with what happened and she disappeared on a suicide mission in the Borderlands this last year.

We now come to one of the worst times in my life. Seiaman and I had been having some problems, Seia admitted to me that she was in love with Sirayn and I both and I discovered that I also had deep feelings for my friend Sirayn. It was trying time for all of us and it was yet to get worse. Sirayn and Seia were lured out to cave by Sirayn's now adult son who she gentled years before. Both of them were tortured horribly and because of a Beloveds Bond ring that duplicates a bond I was able to locate them and deal with her son. After this understandably both Seia and Sirayn draw in on themselves and then I was burned. I can honestly say it was stupid, I came into the store rooms to study an Angreal that we had discovered at Namandar, I found Accepted dead on the floor and the Angreal lying on the ground. I picked it up and the minute I did it, my face began to burn horribly. Half of my face was mutilated and I lost vision in one eye, the Healers of the Yellow Ajah tried everything but they couldn't heal me. I later discovered that Lanfear had set the weave and then healed my eye in an attempt to convert me to the Black Ajah. Just this last year Seiaman was killed in a battle that never should have happened with the Dragon. I found out later that she hadn't died and when she came back to the Tower she broke my heart and told me that she didn't want me and she only wanted Sirayn. I can't begin to tell you what this did to me but I have worked past it with the help of my last bonded Warder. I bonded Cairma after she found me wading into a cold river trying to end my life. We became friends and she says we saved each other when we bonded; Cairma recently became pregnant and gave birth. We have parted ways so she can raise her son but I am so happy for her. In 999 NE Sirayn was raised to Amyrlin Seat and I became the Captain General of the Greens, a position I never thought I would achieve. Sirayn disappeared shortly after becoming Amyrlin Seat and has not been heard from since. So it is that I have reached 250 years old this day, I have lost my friends, I have gained friends, and I am now essentially Warderless and loverless in this cold world. I have learned to love myself and not to feel that I must be lovers with someone to be complete. I am one of the longest standing and most dedicated Sitters in the Tower. My artwork helped my family build one of the largest potterie empires in the land and my great nieces and nephews are living off the money it has earned. I have loved deeply and hated deeply and I have become a better person from all those emotions. May the Creator hold you in her arms and comfort you as well.

The lone woman picked up the pages and walked towards the fire burning against the cold winter night. She looked down into the crackling flames and considered the letter she had just written and then tossed it into the flames, watching as it took the memories, joy, and pain up the chimney with the smoke. Jade looked back towards the window where the moonlight shone on the tears streaming down her face and then extinguished the flames with a wave of her hand, plunging the room into darkness once more. Darkness from which she came with the sound of her Mother's heartbeat and Darkness in which she would go, to the earth she loved so much.

Current Year - 1000 NE

999 NE: Jaydena becomes Captain General of the Green Ajah when Sirayn is raised to Amyrlin of the Tower

Late 999 NE: Jaydena decides she is going to kill herself and is saved by Cairma, they become very good friends and end up bonding, basically saving each others lives.

999 NE: Seia is killed in a Battle and Jaydena mourns her loss deeply, she later shows back up alive and informs Jade that she loves Sirayn and not her now.

999 NE: Jaydena is horribly burned on the left side of her face by a trap set on an Angreal. Lanfear sets the trap and Jaydena triggers it when she picks the angreal up.

999 NE: Sirayn and Seia are lured to a cave by Sirayn's son, both of them are tortured and Seia is never the same.

Early 997 NE: In order to save a suicidal Tower Guard she bonds her and they quickly become friends. Raisa later disappears and blocks her Bond with Jaydena.

Late 996 NE: Coran disappears and blocks his bond with Jaydena, he shows back up some time later.

Late 996 NE: Jaydena becomes friends with Morgan, they decide to bond and Morgan eventually becomes a Darkfriend and Jaydena severs the bond with her.

996 NE: Namandar occures, during this period Jaydena has become lovers with Seia again and she loses Jared in the battle. An underground preserved city from the Age of Legends city is discovered, the Darkfriends lay a trap for the Tower. The party makes it out with some angreal but not without the loss of many Warders and Aes Sedai. During this trip Jaydena also bonds Coran.

984 NE: Seiaman is almost killed in a fight with the men that rape Sirayn and impregnate her and Sirayn bonds her to save her life, taking away Jade's chance to bond her and ending their relationship.

978 NE: Jaydena becomes lovers with Seiaman of the Tower Guards, her first attraction to a woman and one that she fights for a long time.

965 NE: A young Tower Guard convinces Jaydena to bond him, she bonds Jared Damodred and later sleeps with him for several years before she becomes lovers with Seiaman.

965 NE: In a double Bonding, Jaydena bonds Corbin and Jared.

900 NE: Jaydena begins training with Kaylan Sedai for Eyes as Ears.

878 NE: Degan is killed in a mild skirmish in the Borderlands and Jaydena weeps at the loss of both of her beloved Warders.

853 NE: Jaydena is raised to Sitter of the Green Ajah.

848 NE: Her Warder Alton passes away in his sleep, living a long life with many battles.

800 NE: Alton her ex-bethrothed is raised to Tower Guard and Jaydena bonds him, though she never falls in love with him as he wanted.

790 NE: Her ex-bethrothed comes to the Tower and tries to make her leave, she convinces him that this is just not possible. He informs her that he will make her fall in love with him again and that he will train as a Tower Guard and be her warder.

785 NE: After some time of chosing, they have known each other since she was an Accepted, she bonds Degan.

778 NE: Early in 778, after being denied entrance to the Green Ajah, she passed her second peition in front of the Ajah and gains her Green Shawl.

777 NE: After first thinking she would go Brown because of her fascination with Angreal, and then thinking she would go Gray because of her want to be a advisor, she is finally raised to the shawl and swears her oaths.

771 NE: After years as a Novice, she is raised to the Ring.

765 NE: After her Mother becomes ill with a bone sickness that causes her to see a healer, Jaydena learned she may be able to channel. She heads to the Tower and finds that she can indeed learn. The young woman is entered into the Book of Novices and begins her training.

760 NE: Discovers that she loves to draw and paint, her parents work hard to provide her with supplies and lessons.

750 NE: Jaydena Restona Mckanthur is born outside Caemlyn, Andor to parents Jenaveve and Ohandra, she is the middle child.

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