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Division: Band of the Red Hand - Archers
Weapon: A Longbow and an axe with a half-moon blade.
Place Of Raising: a farm near Maradon, Saldea.
Occupation: Ex Blacksmith's apprentice
Appearance: Johanarra or Jo, is about 5'11, he is a slightly stocky man with lots of muscle from working long hours at the forge. He has eyes that are blue in color, and very dark brown hair. He is 23 years old.


He was born on a farm right outside a small village near Maradon, his name was Johanarra Moranassa. He never liked his name, so his friends shortened it and called him Jo. As he grew up, he lived quite a normal life, and played with his friends, helping his mother in the house and later his father in the fields. He was a bit of a prankster, and got in trouble countless times. He would steal honey cakes and do things like that, not big things, but things that the wisdom would beat for.

At age 16, he became the blacksmith's apprentice, and stayed at the blacksmith's house. He would see his family whenever they came into town, which was quite often, since they were one of the closest farms to the village. He thought that he would stay there the rest of his life. He trained himself to use an axe, and got very good at it (at least he thought so), until a man from the Saldean army started giving him pointers, he got better, but he realized that he still had a lot to learn. He also bought a bow from a merchant, it cost him almost all the money he had, but it was worth it. This was a Two Rivers bow, the best. Only a strong man could pull the string all the way back, and it was made from very good wood. After long strenuous training, he could shoot a target dead center at 95 paces.

After 3½ years of being the blacksmith's apprentice, he fell in love with the mayors daughter Carra al'Ron. They became closer, and closer, and then finally at age 21 he married her. After on year of marriage, they had a baby boy. But 2 years later, trollocs raided, and came down very far into the borderlands. They destroyed his village, and despite his desperate attempts to save them, his wife and boy were killed. His father and mother and most other inhabitants were also killed, and he barely stayed alive until the army got there. Now, everything he cared was gone, he had heard of an army called the Band of the Red Hand, he left to join them, the rest of his life, would be spent fighting the shadow.