Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Handle: Jeam


Age: 21
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey eyes
Birth Place: Bandar Eban, Arad Doman
Primary Weapon: A long bow
Secondary Weapon: A pair of daggers


Kaam was born out of wedlock and was the illegitmate child of a minor lord of Tarabon. His mother was a consort in Bandar Eban. Because he was part Tarabon his mother never cared for hi and at a early age he had to fend for his self.

He fled to Tarabon to go to his father put because of his mixed heritage his father would have nothing to do with him.

At 14 he fell in love with a young Tinker woman and he moved into their clan to live. A short 2 years later a band of bandits slaughtered everybody in the clan execpt for Kaam, his child and his wife.

Kaam's wife died later od grief and Kaam went in his grief abonded his child with some farmers in Andor (The carvan was on its way to Cairhien at the time of the massacare.) Afterwards Kaam returned to Bandar Eban and spent his time stealing and spending money on ale and woman.

Then Kaam has bought some property outside of Bandar Eban and has another wife and two kids. But upon hearing of the Band Kaam decided to join so he can one day avenge those who he loss.