Karigan Mere

Description: Karigan is a small (5’3), slightly plump (121 Pounds) girl. She had dark brown hair and green eyes.

Birth Place: Talon Reeds, north Andor. Age: 18

Character History: Karigan is the 4th child in a family of 9. Always curious Karigan frequently found herself in hot water; while this faded when she got older it never quite went away. Unlike another tendency of Karigan’s is to constantly argue with anybody that would let her. Very intelligent, if sometimes lazy, and book smart as well as slightly clumsy, Karigan was not well liked as a child, and due to incident in her childhood has a slight paranoia regarding her peers. Due to the family pressures Karigan is looking for something that will take the burden off of her parents.

~Karigan plans to RP being encountered by an Aes Sedai in her workplace and then heading to the tower, hence no mention of it in her bio. :) Thanks!

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