Name: Kartos Dal'Avier
Place of Birth/Raising: Born in Saldaea, raised in Arad Doman

Physical Description: Kartos is moderate height (5'6") and has very black hair, with a slight tinting of red. Her eyes are a light honey brown (think hay) and she wears divided riding skirts most of the time. She has tilted eyes and high cheekbones, and a normal face.

Character History Edit

Kartos was born in Saldaea. Her mother was born there too, but raised Domani. Her mother had been an orphan. Her mother came to Saldaea to trade with the Saldaeans. While there, she fell in love with a young Lord she had to do trade with. She decided to stay and marry him.

The daughter of that young Saldaean Lord and Domani, Kartos knows the Art of Flirting, though refuses to do it. She prefers to use her words.

About a year ago, a family friend who had disappeared without a trace, appeared at their doorstep and went to talk with her parents all night. (It turned out that she was a Yellow helping out in the Saldaea with healing in the battles and Raids from the Shadow.) In the morning, it had been decided that the 20 year old Kartos would venture to the White Tower. She had wanted to, she didn't want to be forced. But her mother talked with her, and they concluded that when she came home, she would dedicate herself to fighting Shadowspawn. And so she journeyed to Tar Valon...

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