Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Character Name: Ken Adrain
Place of Birth/Raising: Andor
Age: 18
Description: Ken has middle length blond hair that is almost white and he is 6 foot one inch tall. He has green eyes and weights 200 pounds. He has a fighters build and fine features with a scar running down from the bottom of his ear down to his chin.

Character History

Ken was born in Andor but raised in a small village outside of Amador where he lived a hard but peaceful life on a farm until he was 12. When Ken turned 12 he went to train to become a soldier. For 4 years Ken helped the local magistrate force where he was placed in the tutelage of a dirty magistrate. Later he was discharged for not arresting a man that was innocent when the real thief was his boss. After that went on to become a mercenary.

After protecting caravans for 2 years his caravan was betrayed by a fellow mercenary and was attacked by Trollocs, Darkfriends and Myrddraal. Ken received many wounds and many scars. The battle was swift and cruel and he was barely alive when a troop of Children of the Light rode out of the trees and slaughtered the enemy force. After the battle the Children of the Light took him and a few others back to the fortress of the light where they healed and after several months everyone went back to their lives. when Ken turned 18 he decided to join the Children of the light to better the world so a massacre like that wouldn’t happen again to anyone.