Character Info Edit

Name: Knytiri San'drea

Age: 16

Nationality: Mayene

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Golden Brown, curly, hangs in ringlets around her face, as she generally does not take the time to do much with it.

Eyes: Rich blue, bordering on an amethyst hue.

Skin: Ivory, pale, smooth-complexioned.

Height: Rather short, about 5'3"

Voice: Quiet, softspoken, but form when she does speak up. Her voice is rather "alluring" and rich.

Other: She is slight of build, slightly petitie, without a curvaceous body, but still subtly attractive without mind-shattering beauty.

Optional Edit

Special Skills: Knytiri is a bookworm, and has spent most of her life reading in the libraries, or conversing with travelers in her father's inn.

Knowledge Weakness: As she spends a little too much of her time reading, Knytiri has come to expect unrealistic things of the world around her. Sublime, perfect romance for one, among others.

Physical Weakness: She doesn't get out very much, past her father's inn, or the local libraries, and therefore isn't well-traveled. She's a little soft, and unsuspecting.

Personality weakness: Naive to a fault, but balanced with determination; once Knytiri has her mind set on something, something as minor as someone taking advantage of her would not sway her.

Personality Edit

Knytiri is quick to smile and laugh, hard to anger, easy to please. A quick story and a smile in her direction is enough to convince her that there's nothing wrong with a person. Quick to trust people, she is also strangely resilient to getting hurt; she has "seen" betrayals so frequently in her reading that she somewhat expects it from people, though she has failed to learn to guard herself and make it harder for others to gain her trust.

History Edit

Knytiri was born to a poor man and woman in Mayene. Her father was little more than a cook at a local inn, her mother a seamstress down the street. They had little, but were happy enough, to be what they were. They ignored life on the grander scale, living only in the few blocks that surrounded their small home, and were happy to do so. When Knytiri was little, her father inherited the ownership of the inn as the previous owner passed away. Her mother quit her job to help her father, by taking his old place as the cook. Knytiri learned to fend for herself more often than not, and took to the local libraries and book stores to entertain herself. She fell in love with the wild tales she could find there, and the wild tales that travelers threw her father's inn brought with them. As she grew older, she began wishing for more, however, to see more, to do more, to experience more than city life. Her father resisted, not wanting to see his little girl leave their home, but as she turned fifteen, her mother finally argued on Knytiri's behalf, saying that the poor girl was doing little more than wasting away in the city, reading books, doing little that was productive.

"If the girl wants to explore, then let her explore. Perhaps she'll find something she's good at, something she can bring back with her, and make herself a happy life," her mother argued. Her father at last consented, and they gathered what little savings they had to pay for Knytiri's passage on a ship to Caemlyn. She did so, reveling in the trip itself, seeing sights outside of Mayene for the first time in her life. Her father's friend went along with her, as protection, but he left her once they reached Caemlyn. Another woman aboard the ship seduced him, and stole him away, and Knytiri never saw him again. She was little bothered, however, for she was in Caemlyn, someplace new, exciting.

She quickly realized most cities were exactly alike, and that Caemlyn held little of interest for her. She befriended a tumbler in a traveling show, and he took her with him when they left Caemlyn, heading north. When he tried to force himself on her soon after they were gone, however, she kicked him hard in the shins and ran as fast as she could, disappearing into the night. She stumbled into a village a couple of days later, tired, hungry, and lost, but they set her straight, helped her find out where she was, and somehow, she ended up bartering for passage on a merchant's wagon to Aringill, where there she snuck onto a ship, and hid in the hold for several days, until they caught her, and put her to work scrubbing the decks until they reached Tar Valon. The captain would have held her longer, but she managed to duck away from him while he was on shore, and slipped into the massive crowds of Tar Valon, where she found herself heading towards the fabled White Tower, curious to see if they might accept one such as she for study, for she had read much about the fabled Aes Sedai....

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