Laurya Ekelle

Name: Laurya Ekelle
Age: 160
Place of Birth/Raising: House Ekelle, in Andor.
Physical Description: Laurya stands about five feet three inches tall. She was pretty, some time ago, but her eyes are sunken and hollow, her skin hangs off her bones... she's seen too much. She's slender to the point of pain, and she has long brown hair.

Character History

Laurya came to the tower years ago, fought against incredible odds to ascend to Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. She wielded power and influence, rose to sitter, then, drunk on her power, assaulted a warder, practiced inappropriate behaviour with a novice, and was banished, leaving her child Daelin behind, serving the tower also as Aes Sedai. Laurya since served her penance, and has returned to the Tower in disgrace.

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