Name: Lavinya Morganen
Age: 16
Place of Birth/Raising: Arad Doman

Physical Description: Quite short and slim, (approx 5'2"), with long, flame red curls, which she is quite vain about and constantly adjusts. Deep Brown eyes, sometimes bordering on black. Fair skin and alluring appearance.

Character History Edit

Lavinya is a Domani girl, daughter of Rohann and Carlina, quite well of merchants. From a young age she watched her mother as she strung men around her fingers, and her father's ruthless bartering. The result is she sees men as simply tools in furthering her own agendas; she has become quite adept at her mother's "Art".

Her father believed a woman needed more than looks and manipulations to survive, and hence taught her how to defend herself with 2 small daggers. While she is not a master with the blades, what she lacks in talent she makes up for in pure determination.

Lavinya has always determined that she should have been born a noble, always believing her talents were wasted as a mere merchants daughter.

When Lavinya was ushered to the tower for training, she was initially of the opinion that channeling was most unbecoming for a girl of her 'potential status'. She has come to realize however, that there could be great gain in becoming a powerful and influential Aes Sedai, that she could set her own path to greatness.

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