Name: Leah Bree
Physical Description/Birth: Leah was born to a minor noble family in western Andor. She's roughly 5'5 with dark coloured hair and light coloured eyes. She's deemed somewhat underweight for her height and this gives her body a disproportionate look as her hips and bosom don't seem to match her frame.

Character History Edit

Leah grew up with no real desire for everything, as her family tended to provide all that she needed. This did not seem like a bad thing while she was young, but she grew tired of the tedious lessons in language, politics, and manners. When she hit her teenage years she started to long for something more for herself and began to research other possibilities then staying with her family. She was not the oldest daughter, so her Father was hardly concerned with marrying her off. Still, her Mother did not miss a moment to mention marrying her off. This was unbearable for Leah and she resolved that she would not be shuttled from one unwanted situation to another.

While her Mother would not listen to reason if it hit her over the head, her Father would more apt to persuasion. Over the course of a month Leah started to mention the White Tower and the possibility of training with the great Aes Sedai. She had read a lot about what Aes Sedai did and it would allow her the freedom to choose her own life's path which was something that was just not going to happen where she lived. Eventually, over dinner one time, her Father said, "Leah I think we should send you off to Tar Valon to study with the Aes Sedai." Leah tried to hide her enthusiasm, but a giggle almost escaped her. She quickly coughed to hide it and the result was that she almost choked on the food in her mouth. Her Father assumed the choking reaction was because she did not want to go and replied, "Now Leah, I'll hear no arguments, you are going and that is final." Her Mother looked like she was going to say something to stop this from happening, as she was no fan of Aes Sedai, but she knew not to dissuade him when his mind was made up.

That night Leah had trouble sleeping because of the excitement of what had transpired. She had manipulated her Father into doing something she wanted and she would not forget it. If he could be manipulated, couldn't other men? She giggled to herself and could not wait to go. Training with Aes Sedai could not be that bad after all.

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