Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki


Character Name: Lev Soctin
Age: 23
Divison: Freelanders
Guild: Aiel
Aspiring Society: Stone Dogs
Weapons of Choice: Spear
Clan: Dragonmount
Place of Birth/Raising: Three-Fold Land

Physical Description: Lev is about as tall, or perhaps a little taller as the average Aiel male, meaning that he's taller than some, and shorter than a few at 6 foot and 10 inches. He has broad shoulders and is well muscled. He moves rather gracefully for someone as big as he. Lev has grayish blue eyes, heavy eyebrows and a strong jaw, which gives him a masculine face

Character History

Lev grew up as many boys in the three fold land did. He grew up to fight the shadow, and other clans, and wetlanders and… well, just about everyone who raised a spear against his clan or his family. His father was a blacksmith, working hard to keep the spears of the warriors sharp. His mother, Imre, was a far more important factor in Lev's life. She was a wise one, though more commonly known as 'the shrew' amongst Lev and his friends. She had a strong hold on the sept and her husband, and also her son. Many plans she had for him, and as Lev grew stronger and taller, he started to realize that he definitely had to get out of her clutches, or he'd find himself dead at the pointy end of someone's spear. Probably someone with more serious ambitions than he had.

At the age of fifteen, with a series of bloody battles behind him and with Imre spurring him on, and being a constant pressure on him, Lev decided to flee. He went to a clan that had long been tied to his own, the Dragonmount clan. There he was accepted into the house of an old one eyed leather worker, who had not always been a craftsman. Night after night Lev listened to the storied of the old Thatcher, of when he had still been a proud Shae'en M'Taal. These stories inspired the generally peaceful Lev. Years of conditioning by Imre had made him unsuitable for any other task in a clan, and besides, someone of his size had to put that to good use, right? Or so the leather worker claimed when he filled Lev's heads with tales of honor and glory, far more efficiently than Imre ever could.

When Lev turned 17, he turned to the Shae'en M'Taal, going through their initiation ceremony. He chose a spear for his weapon, which he held onto for one year. At the end of that time, Lev had finally stopped growing, standing a little taller than most now. People joked from time to time that he had a trolloc for a mother, to which he merely smile. Remembering Imre, he could only agree with them.