Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Name: Liara Casdene
Age: 17
Place of Birth/Raising: Tarabon
Physical Description: Her strawberry-blonde hair falling just below her shoulders in small braids with beads on the end. Her eyes are hazel, but a deep olive green tends to be the predominate color. Her skin is fair but show signs of spending much time in the sun. She stands 5’6” in slender but not skinny. Her pouting mouth gives her face a look of snobbishness.

Character History

Liara was born and raised in Tanchico. He father was in the Assembly of Lords. Her mom had died when she was young, so she barely remembered her. Only knowing her Mother’s face by a locket that her father gave her with her Mother’s picture on one side and her father’s on the other.

She was the youngest of four children, but the only girl. She was her father’s favorite and he had no quorums about showing it. Her father spared no expense in educating his daughter in all the way of Nobility. When she asked for sometime she was given it, though beyond her horse, Drelle’daishar, who was a white and brown mare, Liara usually asked for very little. For she enjoyed nothing more then her rides in the country on her mare.

Many men tried to acquire her hand in marriage, but more for her father’s money and land then anything to do with her. Liara was not fooled by their attempts and turned them down one right after the other.

Upon her father’s untimely death her bothers fought over the household, while conspired against Liara for always being their father’s favorites. Liara knowing this would come on the death of her father, she had planned ahead with what she would do. She approached her brothers and told them that she would be taking two of the guards to escort her to Tar Valon and whom they could have back when she arrived there safely. Along with enough money to get her there, under these conditions she would leave and never return to the family. The brothers discussed this, for Liara had never treated them badly they told her if she went they would leave her alone and consider her dead in the eyes of the family. Liara took the two guards of her choosing, packed what she thought she would need and along with the money and left Tanchico for Tar Valon.