Description Edit

Age: 32
Place of Origin: Shienar
Physical Description: Lilli is 5ft 7 and well muscled whilst still retaining a curvaceous figure that annoys her no end. She has black hair and green eyes and a livid crescent shaped scar that curls from her right eyebrow across and down her cheek.
Rank: Former Banner Captain
Weapon of Choice: Mace.
Secondary Weapons: Matched daggers sheathed in her boot-tops
Division: Cavalry

History Edit

Lilli joined the Band of the Red Hand just prior to the first battle at Tarwin’s Gap. She was drawn to join the Band by her childhood memories of Duko, the then Commander of the Band who had formerly served her father. She was trained hard by her father and his soldiers and is an accomplished horse-woman although she attributes most of her riding skills to her horse, Dovienya. Dovy is a huge black stallion and a lethal weapon on the battlefield. He has a legendary bad temper and Lilli is the only person that he trusts and more than one recruit has been on the receiving end of his vicious bite. You have been warned! Lilli returned one day from a ride to discover their home had been attacked and her mother slaughtered, her father had suffered mortal wounds and before dying he confessed to Lilli the awful truth that he was not her father. Her mother had been attacked and raped by a renegade Whitecloak, a dark friend who delighted in cruelty and torture. As she buried her parents in a shared grave, Lilli swore blood oath that they would be avenged. She travelled to the Shienaran capital as the call to defend the Gap was issued and she fell in with the Band, joining them in the fight.

Lilli was in love with Duko from a young girl and her heart broke when he left her father’s service to seek adventure and battle. Once Lilli joined the Band, Duko did everything he could to ignore his feelings towards the young woman whom he remembered as a scruffy urchin, always pestering him and shadowing his steps. Despite his best efforts, Duko drew closer to Lilli and their love was overwhelming, forged in blood and battle.

Lilli was attacked by a stranger and Duko bore the brunt of the attack. In fear of her life, and more importantly to her, in fear of Duko being killed for being with her, Lilli fled the Band and wandered for years, trying to find her father and the man who had attacked her and Duko.

Heartsick and desperately tired from her travails, Lilli decides to return to the only family she has ever known and hearing that the Band have settled in a Citadel near the Two Rivers she travels there, hoping that someone will remember her and that she can somehow regain her place.

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