Name: Loraine Kilaines (Green Sitter)
Age: 18
Place of Birth/Raising: A homestead just outside Cairhien (on the outskirts of what used to be Foregate)

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: dark blonde (light brown)
Eye Color: dark blue/storm cloud gray

Physical Description: Loraine is petite, with a fair complexion, and long hair dark enough to be brown in dark places and glows red-gold in bright sunlight. A small clear stone dangles from her brow, lying between her eyebrows. It is one of the many concessions forced on her by her father's family. She's been called pretty, but only by her parents and the staff that raised her after her parent's death, so she doesn't spend much time worrying about it. Her muscles are used to training as she snuck into her brother’s training before his death and learned how to use a sword.

Character History Edit

Loraine's parents were Liana and Marus Kilanes of the house of Kilanes. Marus was the younger son of the Kilanes family, thus not inheriting a title, but a large plot of land just outside Foregate, where he brought his wife when trouble started brewing for them in Tar Valon. Liana was a wilder and had spent months trying to hide in the city while Marus earned enough money for them to live comfortably. When a pair of Aes Sedai stumbled on Liana during an afternoon stroll around the city, Marus announced it was time to go and accepted his inherited land outside of Cairhien (which he had been trying to avoid). Loraine was their second child, the first being their son Mikael. When Loraine was six, her parents took Mikael to the Tower to train with the Warders. They were ambushed just Southeast of Dragonmount and killed. Her brother was taken captive and hasn't been heard from since. Loraine has been raised since then by the staff of the household she’d been left in.The Aes Sedai who found Liana in Tar Valon pass through Cairhein on their way back to the Tower and stop to check on Liana, only to find she has been killed, leaving her daughter to be raised by the servants of the house. Due to her age, they leave Loraine in the house and vow to return when she is old enough to be tested fully for entrance to the Tower. Loraine was tested at 18 and brought to the Tower by Sirayn who had returned to Cairhein for this purpose.

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