Description M'taal Souvra follows that your mind is your strongest weapon against all foes.

Battle Tactic: In battle M'taal Souvra warriors use their strength but not in a wreckless manor. Skill is required to direct your weapon to the correct place in order to kill, maim or deflect your foe. Knowledge of the forms, tactics and strategies are a plus, the more you know about your enemy the more likely you will win against them. The most typical weapons used in M'taal are two handed weapons or heavier type one handed weapons. Light weapons are atypical but there have been a few noted in history who have used them. The idea is to stay on the defensive until an opening appears, and then to strike, returning to a defensive stance to attack again.

Life Style: M'taal Souvra warriors strive for knowledge. The muscle they strengthen the most is their brain. Typically a practioner of M'taal Sourvra is seen as slow. This is not because they are, but because they tend to think things through before reacting. M'taal Souvra warriors tend to be muscular and large, though those with a smaller frame are capable of using M'taal Souvra in battle.


  • good for one on one combat
  • powerful attacks
  • quick thinker


  • will tire quicker than a combatant with a smaller lighter weapon
  • not useful against multiple opponents
  • slow to win a fight

Skillset In Combat:

  • highly defensive
  • good observer
  • strength over speed in weapons reguardless of weapon type
  • good knowledge of all forms
  • good tactician and strategist

In Life:

  • good learner
  • very good at strategy games (stones etc)
  • good observer
  • can lift a decent amount of weight for their size


  • Base - Skill 4, Strength 3, Speed 1
  • V1 - Skill 5, Strength 2, Speed 1
  • V2 - Skill 3, Strength 3, Speed 2
  • V3 - Skill 3, Strength 4, Speed 1
  • V4 - Skill 2, Strength 5, Speed 1
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