Character Info Edit

Name: Marta Alcair

Age: 16

Nationality: Andoran

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Appearance Edit

Hair: Light brown, shining golden in the sun, waist long, naturally curly, but worn strait in most of the occasions

Eyes: Green (shining in the sun like an emerald)

Skin: Light tanned

Height: 6.0

Voice: Clear musical voice, but when angry it becomes high and she sounds really arrogant

Other: She is beautiful, slim and very attractive, and very much aware of her beauty. She is tall, but it contributes to her beauty making everyone admire her. She uses that in her favor, but tries not to be manipulative.

Optional Edit

Special Skills: She is a great spokesman. She studies fast!

Knowledge Weakness: She has always been taught to much history and social sciences, therefore she has some lack in knowledge of natural sciences

Physical Weakness: She is quite tall

Personality weakness: Too stubborn and always thinks her way is the right one.

Personality Edit

Marta is talkative and helpful. She will do everything to help you, and sometimes won't even notice people are taking advantage of her. She is a good teacher. But in a debate she has to be right and she will turn the world upside down to show she is right and mostly will convince you that green is blue if she wants. Most of the time she is right, but if she is not, she won't admit it. The best way of admitting u can expect from her is plane admittance your way could be good, but nothing more. Being aware of how beautiful she is, she is self-confident, and rarely feels sorry for herself. She is very brave, but never thinks about herself that way.

History Edit

Marta was born in an Andoran minor noble family, who were very rich but are not in a direct line to the throne. Her family is in good relations with the higher houses and they have no enemies, because they are to small to be a threat to anyone. Since she was a child, she was surrounded by royalty and nobility and has learned how to act properly. Being smart and learning fast, she was a favorite to many of her close and distant family and they all love her very much. at the age of 6 she could read well, and she showed interest in learning history.

She has 2 sisters (Valleta and Suzanna) and 2 brothers (Velico and Georgio), who are all much older than she is and she considers herself practically an only child. She has always been a great mischief but was never too much punished for her actions because she is the favorite of the family.

When she was 15 she decided she hates being home, and she has to find something interesting to do. She has always admired Aes Sedai, and so she made arrangements with her mother to help her escape to the White Tower in order to try out as a Novice and see whether she can channel. Her mother helped her because she herself was once a novice, but her channeling ability is so small that they let her go after just a year of being a novice. Her sisters don't know about their mother and she herself found out by accident, when her mother told too much about the White Tower, and Marta wanted to know how come she new so much. Her sisters don't like Aes Sedai and would never in the world think of going to the White Tower, and Marta sometimes thinks of them as narrow-minded.

Her mother agreed to help her escape, and not tell her father(because he is against everything related to the White Tower), only if she goes after she has turned 16. A month after turning 16 she sat on a horse and started her way to the White Tower. Her mother insisted on 3 man following her, but she convinced her one is more than enough, so one loyal man of her mother's followed her. The journey took longer then she hoped. When she saw the tower shining in the distance she ordered the man following her to go back and let her finish the journey alone. Now she is in the White Tower, and is hoping for the best.

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