Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki


The key to this discipline is the use of the mind as a weapon. Speed and agility are also essential but those who have mastered it are able to outthink their opponents. In a fight they are calm, showing little or no emotion, constantly evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the person they face. Forms are used with a cold logic, exploiting flaws in an opponent’s style or technique for maximum advantage. Those who use this discipline must have superior agility and speed in order to exploit these flaws before the window of opportunity closes. They will be able to utilize everything at hand to their advantage be it mind, weapon, voice or their surroundings. This discipline is not extremely difficult to master but constant exercising of the mind as well as the forms is necessary to keep it honed. Each must be sharp, precise, and used in tandem.


  1. Those who have mastered this discipline are very well rounded. They do not rely solely on their skill with a weapon. Mind and body act as one to maximum effect.
  2. Opponent’s weaknesses are ruthlessly exploited. Masters of this discipline are able to outthink their opponents and can end a fight quickly without a great expenditure of energy if their mind and blade are sharp.


  1. This discipline is not suited for Warders who wear heavy armor or use large unwieldy weapons because their movements would be too restricted and they would be unable to exploit its benefits.
  2. Superior speed and agility are a requirement. Gaidin who are very large or slow may have difficulty exploiting openings and may in turn become vulnerable due to the reactive nature of the discipline.