Name: Megain Kestharin
Age: 15
Nationality: Cairhienin

Hair: Long and dark brown, a few waves.
Eyes: Dark blue
Skin: Pale
Height: Small
Voice: Quiet, but strong. The kind of voice that is used to giving orders, and not having to shout to see them carried out either. When singing, she is alto – she can’t hit a high note to save herself, but she is very good at the low.

Physical Weakness: Her small stature makes it hard for her to defend herself. Likes her comforts. If she’s wearing a dress, it must be an extremely comfortable one or she will fidget and fidget.
Personality weakness: An incredible optimism in the human nature. (Mind you, she doesn’t consider this a weakness…)

Personality: Tends to keep quiet and observe. A player in Daes Dae’mar, as are all Cairhienin, but she is not as good at it as most Cairhienin are, due to her inner optimism in the human nature that even living in the capital did not manage to fully suppress.

Character History Edit

Born to a House of medium size and influence, Megain lived during her childhood in the City of Cairhien. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, but she had 3 younger half-sisters, and was destined to become the next High Seat of House Kestharin. Her father Lord Daranos, the present High Seat, despaired of ever training her up as a suitable heir. Megain, while a keen learner and eager to listen to all he could tell her about Daes Dae'mar and the history of Cairhien, was not suited to the subterfuge required to take part in the Great Game, a trait that many blamed on her mother.

Luckily it never came to that. Megain was discovered to be able to touch the One Power by a passing Aes Sedai, to the relief of her father. After holding an elaborate ball in her honour, Daranos sent his eldest daughter to the White Tower and promptly began training his second eldest daughter, Teranne, in the duties of a High Seat.

Megain certainly did not begrudge Teranne the future leadership of the House. She was well aware of her lack of abilities as a player in Daes Dae’mar, and remains on good terms with all of her half-sisters, despite their small envy of her channeling abilities. Now she looks to the future, to becoming a trainee of the White Tower and - she hopes - eventually an Aes Sedai.

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