For Use In: None, this NSW was killed.

Name: Meranda Sedai (NSW)
Origin: Andor
Age: 95
Height: 5'7 ft
Weight: 120

Description: She's tall with dark eyes and dark hair. Sometimes people mistake her for having black hair…but really it's just a deep shade of brown. She was never the largest of women, except for in height, but that's ok with her. She is determined to be strong…she doesn't want to ever be seen as weak. She's not very trusting, but that's because no one ties to be her friend really.

Character History Edit

Abusive families are something no one ever likes to talk about. Meranda was no different. The worst was always cases of sexual abuse. It took years to get away from home. And it only came because her mother sent her away to the Tower for protection from her father. But when she came, the Tower seemed to have different plans for her. Instead of visiting, Meranda was put down in the Novice books.

The first few years were full of so much learning. Meranda was always sternly disciplined if she didn't do what she was told…well sometimes it wasn't the more orthodox discipline. So doing things quickly for Aes Sedai was never a problem. It wasn't long before Meranda became an Accepted. Though she almost didn't make it because of the rule she could only try three times. The first two times almost made her leave the Tower….it was so hard facing her demons. But she was able to do it…barely.

Being an Accepted wasn't everything she thought it would be. But she bore it, she had no other choice. She wasn't going to be weak anymore. Meranda just didn't know which to choose, the Green Ajah or the Blue Ajah. Green Sisters were known for being ready for battle, but Blue Ajah women were known for being strong. In the end, Meranda chose the Blue Ajah. She just didn't now if she wanted to be bonded to multiple men like most Green Sisters seemed to be. Plus, she was completely driven by the idea of not being weak ,of being strong and independent. She didn't need a Warder, yet she also didn't want to limit herself like the Reds seemed to do.

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