Name: Mirana El’Sayar

Character History Edit

A cold winters night, about twenty years ago, in Tear, a little child was born. Her mother and her father decided to give the little girl the name Mirana. Her older brother and her older sister thought the little girl was very qute. The family was named El’Sayar.

The years went on, and her parents raised her strict, to be a demanding woman. Sometimes, when the family was out of money, Mirana was forced to take a little job on a little farm, where she earned some money.

She was beautiful. Her deep blue eyes could melt anyones heart. Her hair was white, and maybe a little yellow. Her hair went all the way down to her breasts. She was not tall, but now short either. She was pretty thin. All the boys in her neighborhood where always sneaking on her, when she was she was working in her parents yard. Her older brother and her older sister always told her that she could get every boy she wanted.

By the age of seventeen, there were a fire in Mirana's house. Her mother and father did not survive the fire, and then Mirana was left with her brother and her sister. After the fire, the kind farmer that Mirana had worker for offered them a little house to live in.

About a year later, an Aes Sedai came to Tear. She met Mirana. The Aes Sedai took Mirana to the White Tower to do a test...

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