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For use in: General purpose RPs, can be a sitter.

Name: Misa Asmi
Age: 125

Character History

Misa was born in the city, and lived in a small house with her family until she was five. Before her sixth birthday could pass, her house burned down, and both her parents were killed. She then moved in with relatives, and was passed around the family inside the city for some time. For years of her life, she really didn't have a home. Until of course she learned of the White Tower, and Aes Sedai. She quickly gained interest, and studied them rapidly. For the most part it was just a small interest, until of course she learned how her parents really died. A darkfriend had set fire to their house. There had been no reason for them to be targeted, but they had been. When Misa learned this, she immediately decided that it was time to fight for the Light. In honor of her parents so to speak. Even at the young age of 16, she left for the Tower, hoping to find a better life than one of being passed around from house to house.

Her Tower life went smoothly for the first years of her time there. Novicehood provided to be a struggle for her since she was more of a leader that follower. Many a time she had gotten into trouble with the Mistress of Novices because she had back talked an Aes Sedai, or she had deliberately done something she was told not to. She has a strong tongue, and is not afraid of confrontation.

When time had come for her to choose her Ajah, she immediatly aimed for the Green. Her parents had died at the hand of a Darkfriend, and ultimatly she had been driven to the Tower based on that. When she had come to the decision of the Green Ajah, it had made sense. They were the warriors. The defenders of the light. During her time in the Green Halls, she became a hardened woman. Mostly emotionless, a warrior, and one who stood for principles. She holds her honor dearly, and when confronted with an issue, she takes it full on, not willing to back down, or take the cowards way out.

Her life's mission is to protect as many people as she can from the same fate that her family faced.