Character Info Edit

Name: Miya Kiyoshi [ MY-ya KEY-YO-she ]


Nationality: Arafellin

Main Timeline Edit

Age: Old. (Originally I started this character as a novice and was approved to play her as such, I'm revising her a bit to come in as an older Sister of the Blue if possible?)

Ajah: Blue Ajah


Appearance Edit

Hair: Gray, kept in a multitude of braids a few of which have copper bells at their ends when she's not on a mission that requires silence.

Eyes: Large brown eyes.

Skin: Caucasian

Height: Short (1 span, 2 feet, 1 hand)

Voice: Rich Alto - enjoys singing and does it well.

Other: A plump woman with the disposition to match her age... ranges from grandmotherly to icy bitter & judgmental

Optional Edit

Special Skills: A talented singer and fabricator of stories, known to entertain local children with fantastic stories she created on the spot. A talented equestrian, she prefers horse riding to walking or ships. See Also Below - Talent Application: Foretelling

Knowledge Weakness: While worldly (as far as Aes Sedai go) she has not spent years in the Tower library studying the strange and unusual histories of the world, items, etc. When it comes to knowing the history of various things, if she couldn't have heard it in stories from gleemen, gossip on the streets, or from common people - there's a good chance she doesn't know it.

Physical Weakness: Miya is getting up in years and is not quite as spry as she use to be, the pounds she's put on in the last few years having helped either.

Personality weakness: Miya is old, set in her ways, and opinionated (as old Aes Sedai tend to be) and not afraid to be brutally blunt (an Arafellen trait)... these things don't help her in making friends easily. Something of a stereotype of her Ajah, this will (no doubt) cause conflict between her and other sisters. She tends to view just about everyone who doesn't have gray in their hair yet as a child - something I know some sisters of the tower are bound to rankle under. Additionally, being that she's getting old now (and is having a harder go of 'adventuring' as it were) she's rather biter about finally having to "settle down" after so many years "in the field" especially since we're literally on the brink of Tarmon Gaidon.

Personality Edit

A plump woman with the disposition to match her age... ranges from "your favorite grandmother" (almost annoying in the way she doats upon those who please her) to icy bitter & judgmental of those who cross her, her ajah, or the White Tower.

History Edit

Prior to the Tower - Miya was born on a small farm in the village of Tifan's Well in the nation of Arafel. She is the only daughter of Kyril and his wife Samitsu. Miya also has a younger brother named Paitar. Miya's life was a fairly typical life of a farmer's daughter. Most of her days were spent with her mother learning the "womanly arts" and those that weren't were spent with children from neighboring farms exploring the vast plains in which they lived, just past the shadows of the mountains and near the great river's edge... a river that would one day take her to her destiny in Tar Valon.

Two retired Aes Sedai happen to come into the village shortly after her fifteenth name day and detected her potential. That same night they were at her home when she returned from play, after a long private talk with her parents, they left. The following week her parents arranged for her to travel with a merchant caravan to the river where a boat would take her down the river and back up another branch of it to the White Tower.

While Miya's past seems plain and largely uneventful, she is certain her future holds something far more exciting and worthy of great epic gleeman's tales. After all, not every girl gets to travel to the White Tower and learn the "wondrous secrets of the legendary Aes Sedai."

Novice & Accepted Years - Miya's Mother and Father (who had been quite old when they had her and her brother) passed during her time in Novice white and her brother died in her Accepted Years while fighting on the Blight border. Her losses caused her to take a little longer than most in getting the Accepted's banded dress but her time from Accepted to Aes Sedai flew by quite quickly.

Young Sisterhood - Raised to the Blue Shawl because Miya could not accept "blind" justice (which she saw the gray able to do) nor could she totally accept the life of a warrior (green) she chose the difference between the two... the ability to pick her own cause - truth, justice, and the war against the shadow.

She immediately went into the world and bonded a warder to join her as soon as she found a suitable candidate. Her warder and she traveled traveled from place to place seeing the world and stopping in small villages long enough to assist in sorting out matters of justice. While the law itself never exactly fascinated Miya, she always found that common sense seemed to fly out the window when conflicts arose between men and it was in these conflicts that the shadow grew strong in the hearts of men. By traveling from village to village and helping to make right the wrongs that could fundamentally disrupt life in smaller villages, Miya made her own war on the shadow and continued in the cause of the Light... spreading a positive image of the White Tower in doing so.

Middle Aged Sisterhood - The Tower eventually realized the talent Miya had in making leaders of smaller villages see reason and in rooting out problems before they became bigger issues and so it was that they asked her to attend a series of minor lords in various countries around the world. Doing this and that for the Tower and her Ajah, Miya found this to be interesting work... but often she longed for her old days of travel and the unknown. During her years being advisory to many different lords and ladies, Miya went through three warders (two lost to old age and one during the Aiel War) over the years and has not been bonded since the last one's death during the Aiel War. She has considered bonding again, especially since the arrival of the Dragon Reborn, but she hasn't met anyone yet who can put up with her and whom she can bring to heel.

Old Age (present) - A few months ago, Miya began to feel a soreness in her joints. She's tried to ignore it, and even uses herbs given to her by a village wisdom in Andor, but nothing is working. Asking for healing would be admitting her weakness and she's not willing to do that ... besides, she thinks there is little that can be done. She's old... it's as simple as that, but that's no reason to admit it! As much as she'd like to keep running around (especially when the world so needs women of common sense and brains) she really can't do it anymore. Even horses, which she adores, hurt to ride and the thought of that almost brings her to tears in private moments. She's angry that she... who has seen and done so much, who wields the great One Power, is going to be stopped by the same thing the average stick carrying grandmother in villages all around the world must one day succumb to. And so, bitterly, she's made her way back to the White Tower to give whatever help she can in these final hours before Tarmon Gaidon in the hopes that she'll die gloriously in the blight fighting for the Light rather than in a bed, coughing up her lungs and complaining about her joints.

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