The meaning of Mo’Kai’La in the Old Tongue is Strike and Hold. Strike means to quickly attack one's opponent, taking full advantage of any weakness. Hold means to hold the opponent down, suppressed, and unable to gain strength or the opportunity to strike back. Once mastered the aggressor becomes a weapon, utilizing the strength, speed and aggressive nature of the forms to defeat the opponent. Perfection is the key to mastery of Mo’Kai’La. Intimate knowledge and execution of sword forms, perfection of body and purity in mind are stressed. Mastery of Mo’Kai’La means surrender to the sword; a spiritual union that allows a man to draw out the power within himself and channel it into his sword enabling quick and powerful strikes with little effort.


1. Mastery of Mo’Kai’La allows a man to tap hidden reserves of power and ability because of supreme mental control and precision of the sword forms. 2. Mo’Kai’La is structured for attack, and as thus it is not a defensive discipline.


1. The discipline is highly demanding. Reaching the perfection required takes great dedication in body, mind, and spirit. 2. To maintain purity of body there are dietary regulations that forbid certain types of food and drink.

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