For use in: General purpose RPs, can be a Sitter.

Name: Myra Chadford (NSW)
Age: 203
One Power Stats: Strong in Air and Earth, weak in Spirit and average in Water and Fire.
Height: At 5’5, Myra is not very tall, but doesn’t consider herself short, either
Build: On the plump side
Hair: Reddish brown curls that fall to her shoulders
Eyes: Dark green and very expressive
Skin: Fair

Character History Edit

Myra was born and raised in Tar Valon city, the child of innkeepers. The inn was patronised by several members of the Green Ajah, regulars who made quite an impression on the young girl, and from the age of 13, she made a yearly trip to the Tower to attempt to be accepted in the novice book. She was turned away until she was sixteen, when she was tested and enrolled.

After eight years as a novice, Myra was raised Accepted and her future Ajah became clear to everyone. She studied voraciously, often went to extra classes simply for the fun of it, and was well known for her ink stained fingers. In the second year of her Acceptedhood, one of her dear friends was found to have a prodigious Talent for Healing, and after seeing how much attention the girl was paid, desperately started seeking her own. What started as a fascination soon became an obsession, and Myra’s life study was started.

After being raised to the Brown Ajah reasonably quickly, Myra began a study of who had Talents, what Talents were mentioned in scraps of papers from ages long gone, and started trying to piece together why certain people develop Talents and certain people don’t.

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