Character Name: Naphewhin
Division: Freelanders
Guild: Aiel
Society: Far Dareis Mai
Clan: Dragonmount
Weapon: Spear
Place of Birth/Raising: Born at Dragonmount Hold, daughter of a Maiden given over to a couple of the Nakai of the Black Cliffs.
Physical Description: Though shorter than most Aiel her most distinguishing feature is her dark hair, so unusual among the Aiel and even cut short (but for her Maiden tail) Naphewhin draws attention wherever she goes. Bright Green eyes and a pouty mouth were another burden she bore during her training to become Far Dareis Mai. Slim and muscular.

Character History

The Nakai of the Black Cliffs had not had the son or daughter of a Maiden amongst them in several generations and Naphewhin's birth and subsequent arrival in their Hold caused much commotion. Considered lucky she was cosseted and spoiled as a child by not only her mother and her often absent father (a miner who was often away) but by the entire clan. Only the elderly Wise One warned that no good would come of rearing such a soft and ill disciplined child.

Alas, her words fell on deaf ears until Naphewhin's fourteenth birthday when the neighboring Salt Flat Hold made a proposition for her to wed the son of their Clan Chief. Naphewhin flatly refused, going so far as to tear up the envoys message to her father and go into a rage.

Aghast at her behavior her parents brought her before the Wise One who had warned them year after year, begging for her help. They hinted that perhaps the girl could become an Apprentice, in hopes the Wise Ones might curb her temper and tongue. To their surprise and chagrin the Wise One instead advised Naphewhin wed the spear.

The Maidens were perhaps an even greater challenge than the Wise Ones might have been and the first few years beneath their Roof were the worse of Naphewin's young life. Slowly hard work and conditioning brought her pride and a sense of belonging. Now as the Society's Second Leader she cannot imagine ever being anything but Far Dareis Mai.

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