For use in: Pre-main timeline RPs only, was part of the Dumai's Wells rescue team and forced to swear fealty.

Name: Nicola Selvern (NSW)
Age: About 140 years old
Other: Ex-mentee of Lannie; has an affinity for Spirit
Appearance: Warm brown hair with blond highlights, blue eyes. About 5"6ft high, slender, healthy, in good shape. Friendly and sunny demeanor, shows itself in a sweet smile and an open expression.

Character History Edit

Nicola is a Sister of the Yellow Ajah that was mentored by Lanfir during her days as novice and accepted. She spent 9 years as Novice (due to many pranks), 7 years as accepted. Mischievous, with a sense of humour and a very deeply ingrained wish to help people. As a child, most of her village (Beman's Hill) in the Caralain Grass was decimated by a plague not very much unlike the Black Death. The feeling of helplessness and frustration has always stayed with her, and fueled her wish to heal and to help people.

She had to leave the village for fear of eventual infection that might come when her immune system might not work as actively, and met on her travels an Aes Sedai that took her to the Tower to be tested. Nicola turned out to be able to learn and stayed, where she regained much of her care-free spirit and was set for the Yellow Ajah pretty much since the beginning.

Nicci, as her friends call her, sees it as her duty to take care of herself just as much, so she makes sure that she's always in good shape. She trains a lot and even took up the quarterstaff at some point to make her exercise more of a challenge. She's pretty okay with the quarterstaff and likes to work out.

Usually, however, she's to be found in the Infirmary, where she takes care of the sick and the wounded. She has studied a lot and specialised in two things: plague-like diseases (the kind that spread) and wounds that are created by battle. She is an excellent battlefield healer. She's been on many missions to the Borderlands in the past as a medic. She's very balanced, and blood and gore and messiness doesn't shake her much. It only reinforces her will to Heal, and that's something she's really good at.

Within the Yellow Ajah she is respected for her idealism and her skills, but because of her many trips out of the Tower she doesn't have much time to socialize. She is very focused at what she does, but she always has time for a smile and a friendly talk if needed.

She is picked by Lanfir to join the mission to Rescue the Dragon Reborn mostly because of her experience in the field as a Healer, and because Lanfir knows her very well.

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