For Use In: None, this character was killed, possibly in the Namandar RP.

Name: Nydylia al'Seari (NSW)
Place of Raising/Birth: Arad Doman
Age: 148

Physical Description: 5'4" and petite; wildly-wavy pale blond hair and dark blue-grey eyes. She has the appearance of a very young woman, but her eyes says otherwise. Origin: Lake Somar, Arad Doman

Personality: Humble yet solid in her thought process. She comes across to people as a warm woman, with a calm exterior. She has a fondness to help people in their dilemmas, yet her quest for justice and truth never ends.

Character History Edit

Nydylia (or Nydi) is a Domani woman through and through. Her dresses are low-cut, wrapping around her shoulders with a show of her cleavage. On contrary of most Domani women, Nydi did not wear makeup. She preferred the natural look, as it gave off the idea that she had nothing to hide. She is the only child of an adultress, a woman who had the skill to wrap men and women around her finger with just a smile and a few words. From there, Nydi has learned the art of language. She grew up in the corners of her mother's bedroom, her eyes and ears hidden from nothing. "Watch and learn, Nydi-bear. You are meant for more, and I intend to teach you everything you need to know." By the time she was 17, a small group of Aes Sedai and their Warders had made a stop to gather supplies at a nearby Inn. One Aes Sedai took notice of Nydi and tested her. Whisking away to the White Tower, her mother chided softly, "Keep your chin up, my babe, and eyes open. They may succeed at breaking you mentally, but never spiritually." Nydi spent her novicedom and Accepted-hood with relative ease, being deft with lies and deception except with the Mistress of Novices who seemed to see through every lie. After her three Oaths, her skill grew as she learned how to speak the truth. Yet not reveal it. A Sister of the Blue Ajah for 57 years, she had travelled to many cities. She frequently assisted any person in a dilemma, whether small or large. She believed that this would be the only way to gain any insight into the prophecies of the Dragon Reborn.

She had a Warder 10 years ago until he stepped in a path of a poisoned arrow meant for her. And his death was quick, leaving Nydi bondless and shattered. Returning to the White Tower to gather herself and her knowledge, she awaited for the day that the Dragon made his presence known.

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