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Name: Nynaeve Maryim Altuorah



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Ajah: Yellow

Position: Sister

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Hair: dark, black hair.

Eyes: green

Skin: white

Height: 1.73M


Other: She’s slender, beautiful, and has a childish smile that can melt most people.

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Special Skills:

Knowledge Weakness:

Physical Weakness:

Personality weakness:

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History Edit

Born in Far Madding, Nynaeve Altuorah is the younger sister of Myrlindra Altuorah who has gone to Tar Valon to become an Aes Sedai. Nynaeve has seventeen years of life, green eyes like her sister and dark hair to match. Although she is considered beautiful, her temper gets the best of her a big part of the time but she is a kind person nonetheless with just enough mischief and seriousness when needed.

As soon as her sister ran off, Nynaeve, who also wanted to experience the thrill of the world outside her father's house left Far Madding and the life her family's money could have given her (being as wealthy as they were).Nynaeve was not going to wait around while her parents arranged her life and a marriage, like they tried with her big sister. So, she decided to follow in her sister's footsteps and leave as well. During her wandering around she had met a woman not old, not young with an ageless face that later turned out to be an Aes Sedai. The Aes Sedai tested Nynaeve for the ability to touch saidar and found the spark in her .The Aes Sedai managed to persuade Nynaeve to join her on her way back to Tar Valon, a thing which Nynaeve saw as a genuine adventure. There she was re-joined with her sister and written in the book of Novices. Since then Nynaeve has worked hard and managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a Yellow Sedai.

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