Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Character Name: Oram Volden
Place of Birth/Raising: Amador, Amadicia.
Age: 20
Description: 5'8” & 160 lbs. Closely cropped dark blonde hair covers his skull, reaching down to the nape of his neck. Electric blue eyes stare out from a gaunt and hollow cheeked face, a feverish fire burning in their depths. An almost unnoticeable scar adorns his right eyelid, while another is proudly exhibited along his chin. Thin, colorless lips and a pale complexion emphasize the smoldering fire in his eyes, giving his expressionless demeanor a markedly unstable air. Slightly slouched shoulders and spindly limbs make him out to be a weakling, while in truth he possesses a surprising strength and remarkable speed.

Character History

Oram was the son of a merchant, a former Child who had left the ranks citing grave injury, and his ailing, physically weak wife. He was a sickly child and did not get along with other children in his childhood. An object of bullying, he was prone to bursting into tears and running to his father, who soon became exasperated with his son. A bitter and distant man, he did not spend much time with his son. Seeking solace and comfort from his parents and finding none, Oram grew up alone and isolated, coming to hate his father as he had once admired him. One day, he found the writings of Lothair Mantelar and his perspective on life changed.

By the time he was fifteen, Oram had come to become a charismatic and forceful young man. Still scorned and avoided by most, it was less because of his sickliness and frailty than it was because of the odd light in his eye. He became the leader of a group of like-minded young men and women who – still too young to join the Children – took it upon themselves to patrol the slums of Amador for Darkfriends. They called themselves the Messengers of the Light.

The time came when Oram tired of life under his father’s yoke, having found what he thought of as his calling. He confronted his father, who had learned of his son’s crimes and had alerted the City Patrol. Oram fled Amador along with his friends that night.

For more than three years, the Messengers travelled through Amadicia, Ghealdan, Altara, Tarabon, eventually settling for a time in Arad Doman. The number of Oram’s companions dwindled slowly, until only six were left. After three and a half years of exile, Oram decided it was time to return to Amadicia. He wanted to become a Child proper.