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Country: Saldea
Age: 30


Born in the country of Saldea with three brothers to a noble family. Being the second born had with it no privledges but all the duties same as the firstborn. He learned the arts of warfare from his father's guards and the arts, languages, and other scholarly things from the many tutors his parents hired to teach him and his brothers. He was always skipping those lessons however to be around the guards. He found the life of a military man to be more exciting then learning boring old histories from dusty books. At the age of 16 he left home and joined the Saldean army. First he started as calvary being part of the mounted nobility. He did well and was about to be promoted to the rank of officer and given command of a calvary unit. However one battle would change it all. He was on patrol of the border when out of nowhere Trollocs appear the land was to rocky and didn't have enough room for the calvary to maneuver. However another patrol came riding in...mounted archers. He watched in fascination as from a distance as the archers took down the Trollocs one by one as he ordered his unit in to clean up. After returning from the patrol he put in for transfer to the archers. There he learned from several old veterans everything he could. He learned a variety of archery lessons from the shortbow and horseman's bow to the longbow and the recurve bow. He rose through the ranks as an officer of humility. One never discounting any new style of training that could be learned or new tactics that could be advanced. He was known for unorthodox tactics and strategy. However the life of a military man had no guarantees. For awhile he had heard rumors of a band of supposed mercenaries calling themselves the Band of the Red Hand looking and willing to pay well any man with the skills and training they were looking for. Owan resigned his commission feeling a pull to go and rode out determined to find where this band was. After searching he found and offered them his services as an archer. He proved himself through many skirmishes and rose through the ranks. Finally after a decisive battle he was promoted to the rank of Captian General and given command of the Archer Corps as a whole. He still serves to this day with the same honor and distinction as when he first joined.

Faithfully submitted,

Owan Bloodeye

Captian General Archer Corps

Band of the Red Hand