Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Character Name: Owial Volor Merran
Place of Birth/Raising: Unknown to him/ On the road.
Age: 14
Description: Dark of skin, shoulder long black hair, that is most often tied with a leather ribbon in the back of his neck, brown eyes, 5'4 , 141 pounds.

Character History

Owial grew up with a foster father, he had little knowledge of where he came from but that he had been saved. His savior being his father and his father's friends. He was raised in good knowledge of what was right and wrong. And was happy to know as he grew up that the creator had seen it fit to send the children of light to save him from a life on the dark side. Cause that was what little he knew of his past. They had found him with a darkfriend couple who had been fostering him when he was just a little past a year old.

All in all he was a content and happy boy as he grew up, learning the right way of things from his father and expecting to follow into the ranks of the Children when he was old enough. He was around 10 when he was granted his first weapon and got to start training on how to defend himself as well as how to hunt.

In the years to come he was patient and willingly listened to what was told to him. He strived to do his best in achieving the tasks given to him. He also took to like reading, and would devour everything he came over. At 14 he stands a bright witted and smart boy, though true to what he believes and ready to defend it with a passion. His dream being to join the ranks of the Children as soon as he is old enough, to follow in the footsteps of the only father he ever known.