This path was designed specifically for those who can use both hands with equal ease. Members of the Path can use their weapons in any number of combinations using both Speed, Strength, and Stamina to win their fights.

This Path is unique in the fact that it is created primarily for use with two swords, and therefore is not practical for use with a single blade. This Path is rare in the fact that few people wish to attain the high levels of strength and skill needed to Master this Path, but those who do are a force to be reckoned with. The primary weaponry required for this skill is two swords of the same type. They do not have to be twins, but they do have to be the same type, preferably long sword or katana. This Path is most popular amongst specialist groups of fighters, such as Warders and Highly skilled mercenaries. Despite common misconception, Masters in this Path do not become tired or drained faster because of the two swords.


  • Ambidexterity - exercises to hone their ambidexterity skills.
  • Multitasking - multiple games of Stones at the same time and fights against multiple opponents
  • Stamina - Hell-week
  • Blight Survival - general class about the Blight and it’s creatures followed up with a trip to the Blight each year.
  • Warhorse training - a Freelander from Sedeala will come and train small groups with their horse and give general handling tips for the future.
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