Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Are keenly intuitive and obervant. Path of Knowledge characters are able to tactically analyze any scenario and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent. They then calmly and emotionlessly exploit the weaknesses they find while doing their best to guard against the strengths. Speed users find that their agility and speed most often match their wit, making up for a lack of great strength. Strong users of this Path will learn to fight defensively and effectively utilize their strength to strike vital weak points. Skills:

  • Weighted Lathe training: to increase speed and precision.
  • Stones: to heighten tactical awareness and sharpen the mind.
  • The Agility exercises: to increase finesse and agility.
  • Extensive Library Study: to understand the greatest military commanders and their various strategies, as well as to increase general knowledge of the world.
  • Art of Blindfighting: for the most advanced followers of the Path of Knowledge, a very difficult style to master.