esigned originally by an ambidextrous blade master this weapon specialization focuses on performing balanced actions. Whether on the attack or the defense, the precise positioning of your movements requires the use of both hands. The dual hand use is naturally used to confuse and disorient during attack, but also used defend more accurately when on the defense. The balancing act of this dual nature makes the Path of Misdirection a subtle specialization that will only enhance your chosen discipline.


  • Ambidexterity 1: Non-dominant hand training. Dominant hand tied behind back for two weeks, so that the follower is forced to learn the full use of the non-dominant hand. Sword training is vigorous and continues throughout the life of the follower.
  • Ambidexterity 2: Use of both hands for actions. Juggling, hand ball and other activities requiring the use of both hands are undertaken to ensure that the follower develops the reflex to use both hands for all activites.
  • Balance: Tightrope walking and obstacle course, to ensure that the follower can keep their balance no matter what terain.
  • Flexibility: Gymnastic exercises to ensure that the follower is flexible in all parts of their body. The follower must be able to use their entire body to their advantage under this discipline, and ensuring flexibility is one way.
  • Precision: Court dancing. The user must be able to precisely position their body, and this means mroe than just learning how to position their sword. As such, the follower of the Path of Misdirection undertakes training in dancing to learn how to precisely position one’s body.
  • Verbal misdirection: Debating. The follower of this path will spend some time learning how to misdirect any opponent with words as well as actions, and will spend some time learning how to debate
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