Path of Water (PoW) is a path dedicated to emulating water. The Path takes its name from the environment in which its followers train, both mind and body, to better his or herself and gain the fluid gracefulness of water. In pursuit of this quality, PoW followers seek to attain physical balance; fluid, graceful movements; and learn to read their opponent by their reactions and traits and use their qualities to accent one?s own. Followers of PoW tend to have an easy-going, optimistic attitude as well as a sense of humor. Through meditation students of this path seek to attain a clear and unclouded mind like pure water. Through swimming and exercising in watery environs, a student gains a lithe, strong body that is well suited to any terrain. Through this mosaic of traits PoW followers gain speed and agility from swimming; strength, without bulking up on muscle, from swimming and rigorous exercise in watery environs; cunning and clear thinking from meditation; and a clear understanding of his or her own limitations as well as their opponent?s.


  • Swimming
  • Meditating underneath a waterfall
  • A run along hung ropes among the trees near the PoW waterfall.
  • Sneaking through Tar Valon by the rooftops
  • Dancing
  • Sparring in Aquatic environments
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