Path of the Blade

A forge turning individuals into fighting machines to become living weapons. And like in a forge,the disciples of this path are broken time and time again and coming out stronger each time. A discipline with great demands of physical and mental endurance and strenght but with great rewards.


  • Speed and agility - a disciple of the Path of the Blade can wield the blade with unmatched speed.However speed alone is not enough.The Path of the Blade disciples go through varioys trainign to enchances their reflexes and speed
  • Endurance - just like a weapon,woundsa and injury have little effect to a Path of the Blade disciple.Even more - they act as cathalyst to enchance their performance
  • The mind of the Blade - the path has it’s own way of unique thinkng.
  • Medicine - it is usefull to know how to heal yourself and those arround you.
  • Battle - it is often that the disciples of the path of the balde face multiple opponents,it is better to be prepared for what is to come.
  • Svergellese - one can not defeat another until one can defeat oneself.Perhaps the hardest thing to master of all - one must defeat the hardest opponent one can face - oneself.
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