Objectives Edit

With the number of active members and the expectation to train in order to increase your WS, the mentor/mentee program is being replaced by the new peer training system. This will allow the ability for cross-training and interaction between RP members, speed up WS advancement, and ensures that no one suffers from a dying thread because the trainer went on a LOA or became inactive.

This applies for all ranks: Trainees, Tower Guards, Warders, Accepted, Aes Sedai, and members of other RPGs

Rules Edit

  • Trainers must have at least 1 WS more than the person they are training. If you have a WS of 6 and the trainee has a WS of 5, you can train them up.
  • If the trainee wants to do a RP that the trainer isn't familiar or comfortable with, help find someone who can help with that RP

How to request for training Edit

Post a thread on the Warders DR RP board. Specify the WS you are trying to achieve and the what RP you need to do.

If your trainer has disappeared without communicating a LOA, post on the Warders DR RP Group board for someone to jump in and pick up the training. If no one has responded, PM the RGL (Seiakera) and we'll get you taken care of.

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