Name: Raven Charisma
Age: 15
Place of Birth/Raising: Chachin, Kandor

Physical Description: 5'3" tall with dark brown hair waist length and naturally curly. not too thin but not chunky-pretty average-about 120lbs. dark complexion with bright blue eyes(from dad's side of the family).

Character History Edit

I lived inside the city of Chachin in Kandor. I have 3 other sisters so the loss to my mom of me going to become an Aes Sedai wasn't that bad. I don't know much about Aes Sedai. But because of having influential friends I once met one. And she suggested that I go to the White Tower and give it a try. My parents are well to do and paid for my trip here. I am no stranger to hard work I have been doing the workload of a boy patching roofs with my Father since the age of 12. I come here now to become a fabeled Aes Sedai. Please accept me.

Raven rode into town on her horse, Spirit, an elegant black mare, and looked up in awe at the beauty of the tower. She had seen some great buildings, but none to top this one. The two men her parents had sent to escort her to the tower she had known nearly all her life and grown to love as brothers. They stopped in front of the tower and dismounted and Raven handed her reigns to one of her companions. She looked down to check her appearance-a royal blue divided skirt for riding and matching embroidered bodice. She brushed and smoothed them as best she could after the long ride and bid her companions farewell. "I'll probably not be back for Spirit and my things, but somebody will get them or show you where to take them." Raven had promised herself that all the crying had been done at home, so there would be no more here. She made herself strong and walked toward the tower. There were a few people going about their business as Raven approached the front entrance. She looked around to try and find someone to help her know where to go and who to talk to.

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