Raylin Dunotin

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Handle: bcxanth


Raylin is tall, coming in at just under 6', and well-muscled for a woman, with short red hair falling just below her shoulder and kept in a ponytail. She has deep brown eyes and a slightly crooked nose. She has a ready laugh, and finds life in general to be very funny and it shows on her face. Place of Origin: Kandor
Age: 30
Primary Weapon: Bow
Secondary Weapon: Shortsword
Division: Archer


Raylin grew up on a small farm in the north-central Kandor near a small village. The farmers in the area all banded together to help defend themselves from the occasional raids out of the Blight that made it past the border patrols.

Growing up she was taught how to fight by a father who obviously wished he'd had at least one son. But unfortunately her mother had died soon after Raylin was born, leaving her to her father's care. Her father had been a soldier for years and with no sons to train to help defend the farm, he decided a daughter would have to do.

Over the years she grew to be a fair shot with the bow, and even managed to show a small amount of skill with a short sword, her quickness and agility helping to make up for her lack of physical strength. Her favorite was the bow though, and she practiced whenever she could. Life continued like this until Raylin reached the age of 28 and her father, who was very old by then, passed away from a sickness.

Deciding it was time for her to strike out into the world, as owning a farm did not appeal to her, and the romantic prospects in the area were nill. Selling the farm to a neighbor she used the gold to buy herself a good horse, some supplies, and headed to the capital city. There she managed to get herself attached to a couple of merchant trains as a guard and finally found her first job in a small mercenary company.

One day she heard a couple of men in the company she was riding with talking about a group known as the Band of the Red Hand. She was intrigued and asked a great deal of questions. The idea of this group appealed to her, and she decided it was worth a try. When her contract with the group ended, she packed up her belongings and rode off. Perhaps this Band would prove a good challenge for her and teach her to become a true fighter.

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