Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

This discipline requires a physically well rounded and exceptional individual, in all areas (agility, speed, strength, endurance, etc.) Those who use this Discipline throw everything they have into battle and become living weapons, never letting up for a moment. They never cease moving, every move a strike against an opponent, every motion another attack. Pain and injury are merely catalysts for a greater effort. It is very difficult to master this Discipline, but it can be utilized against multiple opponents as well as one. Ren’Shai’s primary weakness is its difficulty to learn. This Discipline can employ any light blade, and is relatively new (being employed by a select few individuals).


1. Ren’Shai has no weaknesses in the style itself. Openings are quickly closed up, as the blades man inconstantly changing his attack. 2. Training involves a rigorous hardening of the body, to be able to take more damage and push past it when it is dealt to the blades man.


1. It is extremely difficult to master, and requires 3 times as much work to advance 2. The blades man’s ability to ignore the damage dealt to him extends only so far. It is not uncommon, at the end of a battle, for a Ren’Shai Disciple to fall over unconscious and require medical attention. It is much less common, however, to see the same happen in combat itself.