Description Sara'an Dieb follows that the key to victory is through relaxation and fluidity.

Battle Tactic: Sara'an Dieb was created on the idea that in a battle one needs to be completely relaxed; to be able to attack and defend in a state of total relaxation. Those who utilize this path need to be quick and speedy; therefore light weapons are most commonly utilized as well as light armor. Because of the fragility of light weapons and armor, this path teaches deflection and dodging instead of blocking attacks head on. Practitioners of this path truly do look like they are dancing in battle, having to constantly stay fluid and relaxed. Also, practitioners of this form do not wait for openings to occur, they create openings, moving like the wind and using their skills in deflection to blow through their opponent’s guard. It is generally preferred by those with shorter stature, because of the high levels of balance, speed, and agility required.

Life Style: Warriors of Sara'an Dieb are very positive and forward thinkers. Using concepts from their Path, they believe that if there’s no opening you should create one yourself. Generally they are determined people who are willing to work hard to accomplish their goals. Often times they are seen as foolish for pursuing things that others would write off as hopeless.


  • Constantly calm and level headed
  • Relaxation and speed allows for greater freedom of movement
  • Tires slowly because of fluidity and light weapons/armor
  • Effective for leading troops


  • One direct hit will break through their guard
  • Not as effective against opponents with dual weapons or shields
  • Deflecting is more complex than blocking so practitioner has no room for error
  • Because of low strength, practitioners cannot afford to deadlock

Skillset In Combat:

  • Mainly offensive
  • Speed over strength
  • Ends fights quickly
  • Smooth, fluid movements
  • Calm and level headed

In Life: Relaxed and level headed

  • Doesn’t sweat the petty things
  • Forward and positive thinker
  • Determined


  • Base- Speed 4, Skill 3, Strength 1
  • V1- Speed 5, Skill 2, Strength 1
  • V2- Speed 3, Skill 3, Strength 2
  • V3- Speed 3, Skill 4, Strength 1
  • V4- Speed 2, Skill 5, Strength 1