For use in: General purpose RPs, can be a Sitter.

Name: Sarita Kalian (NSW Brown Sitter)
Age: 256
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 165
Skin: Pale (doesn’t get out much)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown (chestnutty)

Character History Edit

Sarita Kalian is a Brown Sister who was born and raised in Amadicia. She found out she could channel when she met a Blue Sister and her Warder who were studying the motivations and movements of the Children secretly in Amador. She ran away from her parents and her home in fear of her life, and traveled with the Sister. Unfortunately, she also had to leave the man she had been planning to marry…a Child. He has since gone on to become a high ranking member in the Children of the Light and curses his foolishness for falling in love with a witch.

She studied long and hard as a Novice, pranking and having her fun, but also hitting the books. Her favorite subject was herbalism and healing. There was such a lack of healers in Amadicia because of the Children and their zealous nature, that she had always wanted to learn to help people…even though she didn’t have the desire to be a Yellow Sister. This interest led her to want to catalogue the different types of plants there are in the world, and record their properties…whether healing or harming or dying or what.

She refused to become Sitter for years because she wanted to be able to focus on her research as it branched out. She turned to the study of different places and their effects on plants…like how the Blight effected plants as opposed to how the Ogier Steddings and Groves effect plant life.

Now with plans for a Brown Ajah research wing to be built on the Tower, she is interested in the politics of the Tower once again. She does not wish for these plans to fall by the wayside as some plans do. She accepted the position of Sitter, and will help the Brown Ajah’s plans. She wants the research facility to house all of the different subjects of the Brown Ajah, including spaces where Male Channelers can safely be studied, gardens with rare plants can be kept, and safe places to study ter’angreal.

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