Name: Sasra Cooper
Place of birth: Born and raised at her parents inn - The Greased Pig - in Whitebridge.

Description: Fairly short and a little chubby, with usually unkempt brown hair and eyes, she has a faraway look in her eyes most of the time when she doesn't have her face buried in a book, and a deeply intense expression when she's thinking about something, or listening to a conversation..

Character History Edit

Sasra's great great grandfather came to Whitebridge as a cooper, and ended up marrying the widow of an innkeeper that he made barrels for. The Greased Pig stayed in the family for generations, and that is where Sasra was born and raised. A quiet child, she learned to read and write very early, and her parents indulged her with books bought from the many merchants who passed through the inn. She has a vivid imagination, and an inquiring mind. She works some of the time in the inn, helping in the kitchen and clearing tables, where she loves to listen in to rumors and stories from far-flung places. She is no stranger to Aes Sedai - her parents welcome them to The Greased Pig regularly, treating them with more deference than royalty while seeming as familiar as old friends, even dining with them when they stay at the inn. Sasra is never allowed in with them then, but she liked to serve them the rest of the time - to her they were a world more exciting than merchants, and made her think of exciting adventures and far off lands. One day she took a meal in to an Aes Sedai and her Warder who were stayin there. She put the tray on the small table, and was just curtsying to back out of the door, when the woman fixed her with a piercing stare. She held both of Sasra's hands and looked into her eyes for a few moments, and then dismissed her, with an order to meet her in the private dining room that evening. At that meeting, Sasra was tested, and afterwards, told that she had the ability to be taught to use the One Power, and that she must travel to Tar Valon and present herself without hesitation. After some lengthy discussion between the Aes Sedai and her parents, and a tearful farewell, she was sent off with a merchant who was heading to Tar Valon, with a bag of coins, a spare dress and cloak, a few of her favorite books and a letter of introduction from the Aes Sedai for her to give to the Mistress of Novices.

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