Note: This discipline was combined with Thunder on the Ocean but is open for reference and use again as a branch.

This Discipline utilizes the strength, stamina and endurance of the bladesman to overpower and \ or outlast an opponent. Though it is often perceived as being primarily a defensive Discipline, it can also be very offensive and destructive to the opponent. It is most effective against a single opponent, though it can also be used successfully against multiple opponents but then preferably against lesser skilled or weaker opponents. This Discipline uses a heavy sword (such as a Shienarian Longsword or a Broad-sword). It is a popular Discipline in the Borderlands, due to the hardiness of the people, well used to battle and hardships.


1. Scales of Power is an excellent Discipline for one on one combat. Its aggressive nature and powerful blows can in its offensive form end combat rather quickly, allowing the bladesman to focus on the next opponent. 2. Putting a great amount of force into the attacks, he who uses this Discipline will come on relentlessly, striking with precision and deadliness as he maintains the level of attack. 3. At the same time, however, in its defensive form this Discipline can wear down an opponent over time. He can wait patiently for weakness to be displayed, drawing on his strength and endurance and thus outlast a weaker, less experienced or more impatient opponent, and then when the moment is right he will attack deftly and hard.


1. A skilled bladesman with a quicker and lighter weapon is likely to land a few blows before being defeated. This is not so much of a weakness during the fight, as these blows are usually rather minor, but if combat continues for a while in such a fashion, the bladesman could soon find himself slowing down from his wounds. 2. Scales of Power is not as useful against multiple, skilled opponents. They will often be quick and coming at him from several sides at the same time and with his usually wielding a heavier sword that will hinder his movement and agility and so they will gain an advantage in a tight combat situation. When facing such a force, it is best for the bladesman to find a way to take them on one at a time, eliminating the threat gradually and in so doing simplifying his objective: the destruction, disarming or incapacitation of his enemies.

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