Dragon Reborn PSW Wiki

Name: Shaneevae El'Edware
Age: 18
Physical description: Shaneevae is an eighteen year old farmer's daughter with brown hair that was been lightened by the sun to a honey gold, which falls to the middle of her back. Her face is perfectly oval except for the distinguishing pointed chin inherited from the El'Edware. She has sleepy blue/green eyes which are rare in the Two Rivers area and a mass of freckles and golden brown skin which are made more prominent by the sun that she works in on a daily basis. She is very buxom and considered by some to be plump. She is physically strong from manual labor with broad shoulders and long limbs. At times Shaneevae can look extremely innocent considering the freckles, but upon second look she has a sensual exotic appearance with the sleepy eyes and a full mouth with a small gap between her two front teeth.

Character Personality/History:

Shaneevae was raised in Devon's Ride of the Two Rivers, the eldest of five daughters to a tabac farmer. Her parents Gregor and Rianda El'Edware were loving, yet disciplined and expected the same from their daughters. Having no sons, Gregor depended on the help of his daughters to produce a crop each year. Hard work, respect and love were the backbone of this family.

Shaneevae held many secrets which she kept out of respect for her parents. Among these secrets was her amorous nature. She had yet to go before the women's circle to announce a betrothal because of her stubborn independent nature. She enjoyed men to the fullest, but did not want to be ruled by one.

Shaneevae was tested for the ability to channel by an Aes Sedai who happened to catch her in an attempt to seduce the Aes Sedai's warder and she had almost succeeded. The Aes Sedai was reluctant to bring Shaneevae to the White Tower, but because of Shaneevae's hard working and respectful nature the Aes Sedai relented. After all, she did have the ability to learn. She just hoped her "love" of men would not interfere with her studies.