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It is the smallest type of shield. It is protective disk or shaving basin shape consisting of either thick wood or forged steel roughly the size of a dinner plate. It is secured by a strap to the forearm or has a handgrip in the center. The buckler is designed to protect against more lightweight weapons, such as daggers or rapiers. Though they are meant for protection, their small size made them a quick weapon, and by sharpening part of the edge, it could become as deadly as your sword.

14 1/2" diameter Weight - 4.5 lbs. To 5.5 lbs

Kite Shield

It is a common shape for a medium sized shield. Often worn by cavalry, these shields provide ample protection from missile weapons and melee weapons of all sizes. Because of their size, it is common for these shields to be made from wood with metal reinforcements fixed with leather straps to the forearm. While shields of this size offer excellent protection, there is the inconvenience of restricted movement and a weighty defense.

Overall - 40" high Weight – 8 to 10 lbs.

Tower shields

Sometimes called body shields, are designed to protect the bearer from arrows shot in a volley. These are made from thick lengths of wood reinforced with metal so as to make movement possible. The obvious disadvantage to this type of shield is its awkwardness in melee combat

Dimensions approx.- 40” by 30” Weight- 12 lbs

Circular Shield

Mostly the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons used this shield. It was made from thick wood rimmed with steel, and also had a steel central boss where the gripping hand fits in the back. This shield is best used on foot, though it could also be used for the mounted warrior. It was roughly 30 inches in diameter.

Overall - 21.5" dia. to 27.5" dia. Weight - appx. 7 lbs or 10 lbs.

Heater Shield

A basic medieval design; this shield was generally worn by footman because it is small enough to maneuver well, yet large enough to provide protection. It is a rugged shield, made from thick wood and generally rimmed with steel. Sometimes the un-rimmed version was preferred, because if a blade was caught it the wooden edge and stuck, it would give the fighter an extra second to make a killing blow.

Overall - 23.5" X 15 3/4" (Can vary) Weight - 5 lbs. (Can Vary)


This shield was made by the Scotsman very early on and was used even up until 1745. It is much like the circular shield of the Vikings, though it usually had a seven-inch spike affixed to the center so it could be used as a weapon it close combat. It was made from wood and covered in leather that was bolted on. The bolts were sometimes made into intricate patterns, giving this shield a very unique look.

Diameter - 19 to 25" Weight.-10 lbs