The dirk is a basic Scottish dagger. It never has quillons, but it is quite effective as a secondary weapon, should you lose your main weapon.

Length: 18 inchesWeight: Less than 1 lb.

Quillion Dagger

This is a basic dagger from the late Middle Ages through the Renaissance. It was bult much like a sword, but smaller. Another good side arm that could be used with a sword, or used on it’s own.

Length: 20 inches Weight: 1.5 lbs.


This weapon was universal in Northern Europe. Carried by Saxons, Angels, Vikings, and German tribes, it was a utility knife as well as a weapon when no other weapon was available. The way the blade is ground (flat grind) makes it capable of holding a razor edge.

Length: 19 inches Weight: 1 lb.

Main Gauche

This weapon was used in the Renaissance along with a Rapier. It was used mostly for parrying, but when you could get in range for an attack, it was used offensively. Many different kinds were created, most times to match the rapier they paired with. This weapon was not used on it's own, though, of course, one could if in need.

Some main gauche had a spring-loaded system in the hilt that, with the press of a button, shot two parts of the blade out at angles, making it perfect for trapping another rapier blade.

Length: 22 inches to 25 inches Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Fighting Knives

A hand held fighting knife with two edges

Machete/Long Knife

The Machete was used in the Philippines and many other places, but it was the Filipino martial art of Escrima or Kali that really studied knife (and stick) fighting. In Escrima, any knife could be used, long or short. The machete was common to have around to cut through jungle, so it was used as a weapon.

The machete is just a base knife that can come in a many different styles, some more fluid and graceful looking, others heavier and squarer.

Butterfly Knives

These wide, swift blades are of Chinese origin and used in pairs. Due to their size, they are only affective at fairly close range.

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