Description: Followers of Sourvan D'Gai stay ahead of their opponents using the speed of their mind

Battle Tactic: Speed and agility are essential as they allow you to exploit the flaws that your quick thinking has uncovered. Those who are masters of Souvra D'Gai are able to outthink their opponents at every turn. They will utilize not only their weapons but elements of their surroundings to keep their opponents off balance. It is a constant exercise of your mind as well as a test of your skill as a fighter. In the constant need for agility they will wear little armor and nothing that will hinder movement. In the midst of battle they are utterly calm and calculating always searching for the next mistake their opponent will make. The greatest test of this path is to use the precision of your mind in tandem with your weapon skills.

Life Style: Out side of battle followers of Souvra D'Gai are no longer so calm and calculating. They tend to be light hearted and often quick to joke. Due to their quick minds they to see themselves as superiors both on and off the battle field. As such they refrain from any substance, such as alcohol, that could impair their thinking. While they know themselves to be superior they are not quick to point out flaws in those they are not in battle with.


  • Quick resolutions to fights
  • Outwitt their opponents
  • Utilize their surrounding to keep opponents off balance.


  • Because of light or no armor, practitioners cannot afford to take hits
  • Lack the endurance to last in long battles
  • Low physical strength

Skillset In Combat:

  • Agile
  • Quick
  • Observant
  • Confident
  • Utilizes surroundings to greatest effect

In Life:

  • Jovial
  • Quick to Act
  • Sober
  • Elitist


  • Strength-1 Skill- 4 Speed-3
  • V1 -1,3,4
  • V2 – 2,3,3