Main AdministrationEdit

RP Admin: White Wolf
Assistant RP Admin: Taymist

Division LeadersEdit

  • Band of the Red Hand: Quibby
  • Black Tower: Co-led by Arath Faringal and Covai Seriba
  • Children of the Light: Nynaeve
  • Congress of the Shadow: Liitha
  • Freelanders: Mystica
  • Warders: Eqwina
  • White Tower: Kathleen
  • Wolfkin: Taymist

Bio CheckersEdit

  • Band of the Red Hand:
  • Black Tower:
  • Children of the Light:
  • Congress of the Shadow:
  • Freelanders: Eqwina
  • Warders: devon
  • White Tower: Sherper
  • Wolfkin: Taymist & Tai'Dashan

Division StaffsEdit

Warder Staff